Kansas Highway Patrol Celebrates 75th Year

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 June 27, 2012                                                                                                                         

 CONTACT:   Lieutenant Joshua Kellerman (785) 296-6800


 The Kansas Highway Patrol is in the midst of its 75th Anniversary celebration. On Saturday, June 9, the Patrol celebrated the 75th anniversary in conjunction with the graduation of the Patrol’s 50th recruit class at the Patrol’s Training Academy in Salina.

 “This is a great time for the Kansas Highway Patrol, as we celebrate 75 years of serving the citizens of Kansas,” Colonel Ernest E. Garcia, Superintendent of the Patrol, said.

The Kansas Highway Patrol was established in 1937 to help stop the bank robberies and crime sprees of that time. Since then, the agency has grown to incorporate so many more functions and responsibilities. One thing that has remained constant through the rich, 75-year history is the Patrol’s dedication to provide Service, Courtesy, and Protection to all of those travelling within the great state of Kansas.

The Patrol also marked the 75th anniversary year by issuing 14 75th anniversary Crown Victoria’s, painted in the Patrol’s retro blue and gray paint scheme, with the cherry beacon on top. The cars are spread throughout the state, with two issued per field troop. The response from members of the agency, past and present, as well as from the public has been great.

 “To me, this agency’s biggest success lies in its history, its pride, and its traditions.  All of this plays into our ability to help people. History, pride, and traditions which all of our personnel—those past, those present, and certainly those in our future—learn about and incorporate as they work to serve the great state of Kansas,” Garcia said. “With an agency built on the values of Service, Courtesy, and Protection, and so deeply rooted in where we came from, that is why we are relied upon, and that is why we take such pride in doing the work that each of us do every single day.”




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