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Jan. 1, 2014

The New Year brings new outdoor opportunities, at a discount for some

PRATT – As 2013 comes to a close, the New Year brings with it the hope and anticipation of an even bigger and better year for hunters and anglers in 2014. From droughts and population lows, to marshes almost miraculously refilling and improved nesting conditions, the coming year gives outdoor enthusiasts something to look forward to.

And although spring seasons aren’t here just yet, now is a great time to start planning your adventure, starting with a 2014 license. And, greatly reduced license fees for youth are being introduced in 2014. Thanks to easy online ordering, purchasing a 2014 hunting or fishing license couldn’t be more hassle-free. Simply visit ksoutdoors.com and click “Licenses/Permits.” There you can enter your information, choose a license, then pay and print. 2014 hunting and fishing licenses and permits can also be purchased at any Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism state park or regional office, and at any license vendor.

Hunting and Fishing License Pricing for 2014


Annual Hunting License – Resident: $20.50

Hunting – Nonresident: $72.50

Multi-year Youth Hunting – Resident: $42.50

Hunting – Nonresident under 16 years: $37.50

Senior Annual Hunt (age 65-74): $11.50


Annual Fishing License – Resident: $20.50

Annual Fishing License – Nonresident: $42.50

Multi-Year Youth Fishing (16-20 years old) – Resident: $42.50

Senior (65-74 years old) – Resident: $11.50


Combo (Hunt/Fish) – Resident: $38.50

Combo (Hunt/Fish) – Nonresident: $112.50

Multi-year Youth Combo (Hunt and Fish) (16-20 years old) ­- Resident: $72.50

Senior Annual Combo (Hunt/Fish) (age 65-74): $20.50

Senior Annual Combo Lifetime Pass (Hunt/Fish) (age 65-74): $42.50

New this year, significant price reductions have been placed on youth deer, turkey and antelope permits, for hunters age 15 and younger. Youth fees that have been reduced beginning 2014 are as follows:


General Resident Youth Deer Permit: $10.00

General Resident Youth Antelope Permit: $10.00

General Resident Youth Turkey Permit (1-bird limit): $5.00

Resident Youth Turkey Game Tag (1-bird limit): $5.00

General Resident Youth Turkey Permit/Game Tag Combination (2-bird limit): $10.00


Nonresident Youth Turkey Permit (1-bird limit): $10.00

Nonresident Youth Turkey Game Tag (1-bird limit): $10.00

Nonresident Youth Turkey Permit/Game Tag Combination (2-bird limit): $20.00

Nonresident Youth Combination 2-deer Permit (antlered deer and antlerless white-tailed deer): $90.00

Nonresident Youth Antelope Permit (Archery only): $100.00

For information on 2014 license and permit pricing and requirements, visit ksoutdoors.com



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