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INK Grants

All Kansas state government sponsored entities designed to provide government, library, or educational services to the businesses and residents of Kansas are eligible to apply.

INK does not award grants to:

1. Purchase real estate.

2. Political activities or those designed to influence legislation.

3. Individuals.

4. Religious organizations.

Investment Objectives

  • The INK Board will provide grant revenues to support the INK Statutory and Strategic Objectives, the State SIM Plan and/or the INK Strategic Plan.
  • The INK Board will review grant requests for infrastructure investment to support XML, open source application development and products and content management services.
  • The INK Board will review grant requests to promote and expand the number of entities involved with the portal's transformational activities.
  • The INK Board will review grant requests to promote greater government, citizen and business access to state and local government informational products and services.

Grant Evaluation and Rating Criteria

INK Grant Procedures and Guidelines

INK Grant Request Form (Fillable Word Document)

Special Announcements

  • Normal grant submissions must be received in the INK office after May 1st and before June 1st or after November 1st and before December 1st to be eligible.

  • Mini grant requests, less than $5,000, may be brought to the INK offices at any time. The request will be introduced to the INK Board of Directors at the next available scheduled meeting.

  • Matching grants have no minimum limit, are subject to INK funds availability and may be brought to the INK offices at any time. Matching grants must demonstrate matching funding sources and explain why the grant request cannot wait until the next grant cycle for normal grant request.

Frequent Questions

Q: What entities have received grants from INK?
A: Several agencies and state organizations have received grants including: The Kansas State Legislature, the Dept of Administration, the Ks Dept of Revenue, Kansas Public Television Stations, the Ks Board of Tax Appeals and more.

Interesting Facts

  • Since inception, INK has granted in excess of $3 million dollars toward greater access to government information and services.