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Sort the table below by column to find the form you're looking for. Online filing is available where indicated.

Form Name File Online Form Description Agency Name
ABC-804   Surety Bond KDOR
ALP File Now Limited Liability Partnership Amendment to Statement of Qualification SOS
ALP File Now Limited Liability Partnership Amendment to Statement of Qualification SOS
AN File Now Not-For-Profit Corporation Certificate of Amendment SOS
AP File Now Kansas For-Profit Corporation Certificate of Amendment SOS
AR File Now Corporate Annual Report SOS
AT   Certificate of Amendment/Termination to Certificate of LLC Merger or Consolidation SOS
BI-1   Organization's Monthly Report KDOR
BI-10   Change of Play Form KDOR
BI-148   Initial Application of Bingo Premises KDOR
BI-158   Initial Application for Bingo Distributor KDOR
BI-160   Renewal Application for Bingo Organizations KDOR
BI-168   Renewal Application for Bingo Premises KDOR
BI-178   Renewal Application for Bingo Distributors KDOR
BI-4   Distributor's Monthly Tax Return KDOR
BI-56   Report of Organization Trust Account KDOR
BI-60   Initial Application for Bingo License KDOR
BI-66   Organization change of officers, directors, officials or persons employed on bingo premises KDOR
BR File Now Business Trust Resolution of Withdrawal SOS
BT File Now Business Trust Annual Report SOS
BW   Bonded Warehouse License Application & Warehouseman Bond SOS
CA File Now Foreign Limited Liability Company Cancellation of Authority To Do Business in Kansas SOS
CAL File Now Limited Partnership Certificate of Amendment SOS
CC   Certificate of Correction – Kansas Covered Entity and Foreign Covered Entity SOS
CD   Insurance Certificate of Domestication SOS
CE File Now Limited Partnership Certificate of Cancellation SOS
CF File Now For-Profit Articles of Incorporation SOS
CG-103   Application for Cigarette Vending Machine Distributor or Dealer's License KDOR
CG-106   Wholesale Cigarette Dealer's Bond KDOR
CG-109   Application for Cigarette Licenses KDOR
CG-15   Unstamped - Stamped Cigarette Packs Received - Sold and Instructions KDOR
CG-16   Unstamped Packs of Cigarettes – Schedule C KDOR
CG-19   Damaged Packs of Cigarettes or Shortage of Shipment by Carrier – Schedule A-1 KDOR
CG-23   Kansas Stamped Packs of Cigarettes – Schedule B KDOR
CG-25   Order Form for Cigarette Tax Indicia KDOR
CG-27   Request for Refund and Information on Destruction of KS Stamped Cigarettes KDOR
CG-30   Sales of Non-Participating Manufacturer (NPM) Cigarettes in Kansas KDOR
CG-32   Manufacturer's Sample Report KDOR
CG-45   Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Information and Common Terminology KDOR
CG-47   Request for Refund for Stamped Unsalable Cigarettes Returned to Manufacturer – Schedule D KDOR
CG-72/CG-73   Vending Machine and Permits-Application and Memo KDOR
CG-76/CG-94   Cigarette Wholesale Dealers-Application and Memo KDOR
CG-77/CG-34   Manufacturers Salesperson/Wholesale ID Card-Application and Memo KDOR
CG-8   Wholesale Cigarette Dealer's Monthly Report KDOR
CG-83   Cigarette Vending Machine Listing KDOR
CG-84/CG-75   Retail Dealers-Application and Memo KDOR
CG-96   Request for Duplicate Retail Cigarette License-Affidavit KDOR
CK File Now Certificate for a Kansas Limited Partnership SOS
CL   Limited Liability Company Certificate of Amendment SOS
CLP File Now Limited Liability Partnership Cancellation of Statement of Qualification SOS
CN File Now Not-For-Profit Corporation Articles of Incorporation SOS
COR   Corrected Document SOS
CP File Now Certificate of Dissolution Prior to Commencing Business SOS
CR File Now Foreign Limited Partnership Cancellation of Registration in Kansas SOS
CR-108   Notice of Business Closure KDOR
CR-120   Kansas Nonresident Contractors Registration and Bonding Law KDOR
CR-142   Escrow Agreement for Guarantee of Kansas Nonresident Contractors Tax Liability KDOR
CR-16   Business Tax Application KDOR
CR-17   Registration Schedule for Additional Business Locations KDOR
CR-18   Ownership Change Form KDOR
CR-40   Nonresident Contractors' Request for Bond Release KDOR
CT-10U   Consumers' Compensating Use Tax Return and Voucher KDOR
CT-114   Vehicle Leases Retailers' Compensating Use Tax Return and Voucher KDOR
CT-9U   Retailers' Compensating Use Tax Return and Voucher KDOR
CVD   Certificate of Conversion to a Kansas Entity SOS
CVF   Certificate of Conversion to a Foreign Entity SOS
DBT   Kansas Business Trust Application SOS
DC-1   Environmental Surcharge and Solvent Fee KDOR
DL File Now Kansas Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization SOS
DLLP   Kansas Limited Liability Partnership Statement of Qualification SOS
DMI   Certificate of Domestication to Kansas SOS
DMO   Certificate of Domestication to Foreign State or Country SOS
DO-10   Power of Attorney KDOR
DO-41   Request for Copy of Kansas Tax Records KDOR
DO-5   Name or Address Change Form KDOR
DPA   Professional Association Articles of Incorporation SOS
DS File Now For-Profit Corporation Dissolution by Stockholders' Meeting SOS
DW File Now For-Profit Corporation Dissolution by Written Consent SOS
EC File Now Electric Cooperative Annual Report SOS
EDU-26   Contractors and Contractor-Retailers KDOR
EDU-27   Fabricators KDOR
EDU-28   Businesses that Sell and Service Applications and Electronic Products KDOR
EDU-30   Lawn & Garden Care, Pest Control, Fertilizer Application, Landscaping & Retail Sales KDOR
EDU-31A   How Kansas Motor Vehicle Dealers Should Charge Sales Tax on Vehicle Sales KDOR
EDU-32A   How Kansas Motor Vehicle Dealers and Leasing Companies Should Change Sales Tax on Leases KDOR
EDU-46   Application of Kansas Sales Tax to the Sale of Propane KDOR
FA   Foreign Corporation Application SOS
FAP   Foreign For-Profit Corporation Certificate of Amendment SOS
FBT   Foreign Business Trust Application SOS
FL   Foreign Limited Liability Company Application SOS
FLLP   Foreign Limited Liability Partnership Statement of Qualification SOS
FM   Business Entity Fiscal Month Change SOS
FN   Foreign Not-For-Profit Corporation Application SOS
FR   Professional Fund Raiser Annual Report SOS
FS   Charitable Solicitation Financial Statement SOS
FW File Now Foreign Corporation Certificate of Withdrawal SOS
GA   General Partnership Statement of Partnership Authority SOS
GC File Now General Partnership Cancellation of Statement SOS
GD File Now General Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership Statement of Dissolution SOS
GL   General Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership Statement of Denial SOS
GM   General Partnership Amendment SOS
GS   General Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership Statement of Dissociation SOS
HCC   Health Care Card Supplier Application SOS
IA-81   Claim to Support Withholding Tax Credit KDOR
INE   Certificate of Interest Exchange SOS
K-130   Privilege Tax Form and Original and Amended Instructions KDOR
K-130AS   Financial Institution Apportionment Schedule KDOR
K-130ES   2015 Privilege Estimated Tax Vouchers, Worksheet and Instructions KDOR
K-130V   Privilege Tax Payment Voucher KDOR
K-131   Financial Institution Combined Income Method of Reporting KDOR
K-230   Underpayment of Estimated Privilege Tax Schedule and Instructions KDOR
K-4   Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate KDOR
K-4C   Nonresident Employee Certificate KDOR
K-4U   Allowance from Unemployment Benefits KDOR
KC File Now Kansas Limited Liability Company Certificate of Cancellation SOS
K-CNS 010 File Now Employer Status Report KDOL
K-CNS 0103 File Now Employer Account Record Change KDOL
K-CNS 032 File Now Employer Representation Authorization KDOL
K-CNS 100 File Now Quarterly Wage Report and Unemployment Tax Return KDOL
K-CNS 111 File Now Adjustment to Employer's Wage Report KDOL
KS-1216   Business Tax Application Booklet KDOR
KS-1500   Codes for Principal Business Activity and Principal Product or Service- NAICS Codes KDOR
KW-110   Withholding Requirements KDOR
KW-3   Annual Withholding Tax Return KDOR
KW-5   Withholding Tax Deposit Report KDOR
K-WC 105   Employer's Application Oath to Become a Self-Insurer KDOL
K-WC 107   Benefit Card KDOL
K-WC 11   Workers Compensation Laws and Regulations KDOL
K-WC 14   Workers Compensation Practice and Procedure Guide KDOL
K-WC 113   Individual, Partner, or Self-Employed to Come Under Act KDOL
K-WC 114   Cancellation of Form 113 KDOL
K-WC 120   Application for Self-Insurance KDOL
K-WC 121   Assessment Information KDOL
K-WC 123   Employer to Provide Coverage for Volunteer Workers KDOL
K-WC 124   Cancellation of Form 123 KDOL
K-WC 126   Independent Contractor or Employee KDOL
K-WC 129   Certificate of Excess Insurance KDOL
K-WC 130   Irrevocable Letter of Credit KDOL
K-WC 130a   Trust Operational Agreement KDOL
K-WC 131   Self-Insurance Aggregate Surety Bond KDOL
K-WC 131a   Amendatory Rider to Surety Bond KDOL
K-WC 132   Indemnity and Guaranty Agreement KDOL
K-WC 133   Statement of Insured KDOL
K-WC 135   Employer to Provide Coverage for Persons Performing Public or Community Service KDOL
K-WC 135a   Cancellation of Form 135 KDOL
K-WC 137   Election of a Non Compensated Volunteer Officer, Director, or Trustee of a Nonprofit Corporation to be Covered KDOL
K-WC 137a   Cancellation of Form 137 KDOL
K-WC 138   Workers Compensation Election Information KDOL
K-WC 140   Death Benefit Information KDOL
K-WC 144   Self-Insurance Information KDOL
K-WC 1441   Information for Self-Insured Employers on the Kansas Workers Compensation Act and Regulations KDOL
K-WC 20   Bank Fact Sheet KDOL
K-WC 25   Workers Compensation Information for Kansas Employers and Employees KDOL
K-WC 250   Informacion Para Empleadores y Empleados KDOL
K-WC 270-A   Informacion Importante Para Trabajadores Lastimados en el Trabajo KDOL
K-WC 27-A   Important Information for Injured Employees KDOL
K-WC 300   Order Form for Workers Compensation Publications KDOL
K-WC 309   Why Audited Financial Statements are Required KDOL
K-WC 40-A   "Posting" Notice KDOL
K-WC 44   Report of Fraud or Abuse (Confidential) KDOL
K-WC 50   Election of Employee Not to Accept Coverage KDOL
K-WC 50a   Cancellation of Form 50 KDOL
K-WC 51   Employer to Cover Employees Under Act: gross annual payroll is $20,000 or less, or agricultural pursuits KDOL
K-WC 51a   Cancellation of Form 51 KDOL
K-WC 530   Important Information for Employers Regarding Forms K-WC 27-A and 270-A KDOL
K-WC 95   Records Download Requestor's Guide KDOL
K-WC 96   Registration for Access to Electronic Records KDOL
K-WC 97   Employers/Carrier's Request for Workers Compensation Records KDOL
K-WC 970   Request for Workers Compensation Records / Solicitud de Datos de los Expedientes de Compensacion de Trabajadores KDOL
LAO   Kansas Series Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization SOS
LC File Now Limited Liability Company Annual Report SOS
LCD   Series Limited Liability Company Certificate of Designation SOS
LD-1   Liquor Drink Tax Return KDOR
LD-400   Liquor Drink Tax Surety Bond KDOR
LD-401   Escrow Agreement for Guarantee of Kansas Liquor Drink Tax Liability KDOR
LE-3   Liquor Enforcement Tax Return KDOR
LLP File Now Limited Liability Partnership Annual Report SOS
LLR File Now Change of Registered Office or Agent by a Limited Liability Partnership SOS
LP File Now Limited Partnership Annual Report SOS
LPF   Foreign Limited Partnership Application SOS
LR File Now Limited Partnership Change of Registered Office or Agent SOS
LTB   Foreign Series Limited Liability Company Application for Admission to Transact Business SOS
MA   Business Entity Mailing Address Update SOS
MF-10   Application for Special Prepaid LP-Gas User permits and Decals KDOR
MF-168   Manufacturer Bond KDOR
MF-169   Application for Motor Vehicle Fuel-Special Fuel Producer, Manufacturer, Blender and End Consumer KDOR
MF-202   Liquefied Petroleum Motor Fuel Tax Return KDOR
MF-206   Liquid Fuel Carrier Petroleum Products Report-Schedule of Deliveries KDOR
MF-26   Application for Liquid Fuels Carrier Master License and License Certificates KDOR
MF-27   Distributor Bond KDOR
MF-37   Motor Fuel Forms Order Blank KDOR
MF-40   Application for LP-Gas user-Dealer License KDOR
MF-400   Application for Agricultural Ethyl Alcohol Producer Incentive KDOR
MF-401   Agricultural Ethyl Alcohol Producer Report KDOR
MF-41   LP-Gas User-Dealer Bond KDOR
MF-42   Distributor Application KDOR
MF-43   Financial Statement KDOR
MF-44   Import-Export Application KDOR
MF-45   Import-Export Bond KDOR
MF-48   Application to report and Pay LP-Gas tax on Mileage Basis and for Annual Mileage Permit and Decal KDOR
MF-51   Application for Motor Vehicle/Special Fuels Tax Refund Permit KDOR
MF-52   Distributors Tax Return and Instructions KDOR
MF-52A Gasoline   Multiple Schedule of Receipts Gasoline KDOR
MF-52A Spec. Fuel   Multiple Schedule of Receipts Special Fuel KDOR
MF-52B   Multiple Schedule of Disbursements Gasoline KDOR
MF-52B   Multiple Schedule of Disbursements Special Fuel KDOR
MF-52C   Alternative Fuel Tax Credit Deduction Schedule KDOR
MF-53   Application for Motor Fuel Retailers License KDOR
MF-54   Producer, Manufacturer, Blender, End Consumer, Motor Fuel Tax Report and Instructions. KDOR
MF-54A   Alternative Fuel Tax Credit Deduction KDOR
MF-67   Escrow Agreement KDOR
MF-7   Petroleum Products Inspection Reports with Assurance KDOR
MF-7A   Petroleum Products Inspection Reports without Assurance KDOR
MF-90   Motor Fuel Retailer's Inventory Report KDOR
MF-90A   Motor Fuel Retailer Schedule of Receipts KDOR
MF-90B   Motor Fuel Retailer Totalizer Gallonage Report KDOR
MF-90C   Consolidate Retailer Inventory Report KDOR
MT-05   Mineral Tax Return-Gas Severance KDOR
MT-05a   Mineral Tax Return-Crude Oil KDOR
MT-07   Crude Oil Exemption Request KDOR
MT-07NP   New Pool Initial Oil or Gas Exemption Request KDOR
MT-08   Operator and Purchaser Change Request KDOR
MT-10   Purchaser-Operator Registration Form KDOR
MT-13   Mineral Tax Return KDOR
MT-6   Statutes and Regulations for Minerals Severance Tax KDOR
NM File Now Not-For-Profit Corporation Dissolution by Members' Meeting SOS
NP File Now Not-For-Profit Corporation Annual Report SOS
NR File Now Reservation of Corporate Name SOS
NRO File Now Not-For-Profit Corporation Change of Registered Office or Agent SOS
NW File Now Not-For-Profit Corporation Dissolution by Written Consent SOS
PA File Now Professional Corporation Annual Report SOS
PDL   Kansas Professional Limited Liability Company Articles SOS
PO   Professional Fund Raiser Operating Statement SOS
PV-PP-1A   Personal Property Assessment Form KDOR
PV-PP-15   Mobile Home Park Owner/Operator KDOR
PV-PP-17   Marina Owner/Operator KDOR
PVD-75   Open Records Request for CAMA KDOR
PVD-76   Open Records Request for Abstracts KDOR
PR   Professional Fund Raiser Application SOS
PS   Professional Solicitor Application SOS
RAN   Certificate of Resignation of Resident Agent Without Appointing a Successor SOS
RC   Reinstatement of Limited Liability Company SOS
RD   Certificate of Revocation of Dissolution SOS
RGO   Change of Resident Agent Name/Registered Office by Resident Agent SOS
RL   Reinstatement of Limited Partnership SOS
RLL File Now Limited Liability Company Change of Registered Office or Agent SOS
RLP   Reinstatement of Limited Liability Partnership SOS
RN   Not-for-Profit Corporation Certificate of Reinstatement SOS
RO File Now Corporation Change of Registered Office or Agent SOS
RR   Corporation Certificate of Reinstatement SOS
SC   Registration Statement for Solicitations SOS
SR-2   Statutes and Regulations for Sand Royalty Tax KDOR
SR-6   Sand Removal Contract KDOR
SR-89   Sand Royalty Monthly Reporting KDOR
ST-16   Retailers' Sales Tax Return Single Jurisdiction Filers KDOR
ST-16TEL   Sales Tax TeleFile Booklet and Voucher KDOR
ST-21   Sales and Use Tax Refund Application KDOR
ST-21PEC   Sales and Use Tax Refund Application for Use by Project Exemption Certificate (PEC) Entities KDOR
ST-33   Schedule for Refund of Sales Tax on Electricity, Gas or Water KDOR
ST-36, Part IV   Utility Companies Supplement KDOR
ST-36/ST-36V   Retailers' Sales Tax Return Multiple Jurisdiction Filers/Prepaid Monthly Filers and Voucher KDOR
ST-44   Nonresident Contractors' Information Form KDOR
ST-45   Nonresident Contractors' Bond KDOR
ST-8B   Affidavit of Delivery of a Motor Vehicle, Semitrailer, Pole Trailer or Aircraft to a Nonresident of Kansas KDOR
TB-144   Tobacco Products Appointment of Secretary of State, State of Kansas, for Service of Process KDOR
TB-31   Sales of Non-Participating Manufacturer (NPM) Roll-Your-Own (RYO) Tobacco in Kansas by Out-of-State Distributors KDOR
TB-32   Manufacturer's Sample Product KDOR
TB-33   Tobacco Forms Instructions KDOR
TB-34   Sales of Non-Participating Manufacturer (NPM) Roll-Your-Own (RYO) Tobacco in Kansas by In-State Distributors KDOR
TB-42   Monthly Report of Tobacco Products Purchases-Schedule 2 KDOR
TB-42C   Monthly Report of Roll-Your-Own-Tobacco Products-Schedule 3 KDOR
TB-43   Kansas Distributor's Tobacco Products Monthly Report-Schedule 1 KDOR
TB-45   Tobacco Products – Schedule 4 KDOR
TB-50   Out-of-State Tobacco Products Distributors Selling into Kansas-Schedule 5 KDOR
TB-84   Tobacco Products Application for Distributor's License KDOR
TB-85   Tobacco Products Distributor's Tax Bond KDOR
TB-87/TB-86   Tobacco Distributor-Application and Memo KDOR
TE-1   Tire Excise Tax KDOR
TG-1   Transient Guest Tax KDOR
TSA   Trademark or Service Mark Application SOS
TSC   Trademark or Service mark Cancellation SOS
TSN   Trademark Service Mark Name Change of Registrant/Owner SOS
TSR   Trademark or Service Mark Renewal SOS
TSS   Trademark or Service Mark Assignment SOS
TX   Franchise Tax Computation Worksheet for Reinstatement SOS
URS   Unified Registration Statement SOS
VR-1   Vehicle Rental Excise Tax Return KDOR
WP-1   Water Protection Fee Return for Public Water Suppliers KDOR
WP-4   Irrevocable Election to Pay the Clean Drinking Water Fee KDOR
PDF   Annual Claim Form for Economic Development & Industrial Revenue Bond Property KDOR
n/a More… Bracket Cards KDOR
n/a More… Cigarette Tax Payment for Internet and Mail Order Purchases KDOR
n/a More… Cigarette Vending Machine Permit KDOR
PDF   Escrow Bond KDOR
PDF   Foreclosure Related Sales Guidelines KDOR
PDF   KCAA/PVD Course Registration Form KDOR
n/a More… Oil and Gas Guide, Renditions and Crude Oil Price Schedule KDOR
XLS   Phase Delineation Chart KDOR
XLS   Quarterly Progress Report Form KDOR
n/a More… Sales and Compensating Use Tax Exemption Certificates KDOR
n/a More… Sales Forms and Instructions KDOR
PDF   Tax Bond Relief Notice KDOR
PDF   Transient Guest Tax Rate and Filer Report KDOR
n/a More… Withholding Forms and Instructions KDOR
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