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Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission

Alphabetical List of Lobbyists Sent Notices of

Failure to File the

Lobbyist Employment & Expenditure Reports covering 2015


Last Updated: March 24, 2015

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Please Note: Notices will remain on this site even though a lobbyist may have since filed the report.























for Lobbyist Filing an Affidavit

Barnett, Dorothy Climate & Energy Project 201502 201503           
Benson, BlakePittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce---201503
Bowman, Gina CVR Energy Inc 201502      
Bradley, Philip Artisan Distillers of Kansas 201502 201503      
Bradley, Philip Craft Brewers Guild of KS 201502 201503      
Bradley, Philip Equal Entertainment Group 201502 201503      
Bradley, Philip KS Fireworks Assn 201502 201503      
Bradley, Philip KS Licensed Beverage Assn 201502 201503      
Bradley, Philip KS Viticulture & Farm Winery Assn 201502 201503      
Burhan, Charles Liberty Mutual Insurance Company 201502 201503      
Campbell, Amy KS Assn of Beverage Retailers 201502      
Campbell, Amy KS Mental Health Coalition 201502      
Daldrup, Diane March of Dimes 201502      
Dalen, Jason Civic Council of Greater Kansas City 201502    
Damron, Kathy City of Topeka 201502    
Damron, Kathy Kansas City KS Chamber of Commerce 201502    
Damron, Kathy KC Healthy Kids 201502    
Darmon, Kathy KS Dental Assn 201502    
Damron, Kathy Maximus 201502    
Damron, Kathy Prudential Insurance Co 201502    
Darmon, Kathy Waddell & Reed Financial Inc 201502      
Dragoo, Ty Sheet Metal Air Rail Transportation 201502 201503      
Duncan, Spencer Capitol Connection LLC 201502      
Duncan, Spencer Keep Kansans in Business 201502      
Duncan, Spencer KS Assn of Licensed Investigators 201502      
Duncan, Spencer KS Organization of Recyclers 201502      
Duncan, Spencer KS Pest Control Assn 201502      
Duncan, Tuck KS Public Transit Assn 201502      
Duncan, Tuck KS Wine & Spirits Wholesalers Assn 201502      
Fair, Pam KS Families Against Liberal Liquor 201502      
Fucik, Patrick Sprint 201502      
Galbraith, Marc State Employees Assn of KS 201502      
Hughey, Anne-Marie SE KS Independent Living 201502 201503      
Januszka, Elaine Little Government Relations LLC 201502      
Kelly, Jane KS Home Care Assn 201502      
Kutzley, Ernest AARP Kansas 201502      
Little, Shannon Little Government Relations 201502 201503      
Mears, Bradley KS Municipal Utilities Inc 201502      
Mesa, Reynaldo KS Chamber of Commerce 201502 201503      
Miller, Aaron KS Chamber of Commerce 201502      
Morgan, Michael Koch Companies Public Sector LLC 201502      
Niosi, Michael Prudential Fixed Income Management 201502      
O'Neal, Mike KS Chamber of Commerce 201502    
Palace, Thomas Credit Management Services Inc 201502    
Palace, Thomas Petroleum Marketers & Convenience 201502    
Phalp, Randell Convention of States Action 201502    
Reynolds, Rob AT&T Inc & Affiliates 201502    
Rieber, Rabbi Moti KS Interfaith Power & Light 201502    
Schimmels, Ross Standard Beverage 201502      
Scott, Ben NAACP, KS State Conference 201502      
Semmel, Cheryl KS School Superintendent's Assn 201502 201503      
Semmel, Cheryl National Multiple Schlerosis Society 201502 201503      
Semmel, CherylUnited School Administrators of KS---201503
Setter, Father HJ Setter Foundation 201502      
Smith, Shelby Accessible Arts 201502 201503      
Walker, Kevin American Heart Assn 201502 201503      
Witsman, Tim Wichita Independent Business Assn --- 201503