Sub. SCR 1601--Am. by HCW
[As Amended by House Committee of the Whole]
As Amended by House Committee
Session of 1997
Substitute for Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 1601
By Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance

13 A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION establishing a task force to study the 14 insurance industry in Kansas in order to identify programs and actions 15 that can be undertaken to promote the growth of the existing industry, 16 enhance its financial viability and attract out-of-state insurance com- 17 panies to Kansas. 18 19 WHEREAS, It is the goal of the state of Kansas to foster economic 20 development within the state and to pursue those policies and actions 21 that will diversify and strengthen the economic base of the state; and 22 WHEREAS, The insurance industry is a vital component of the Kansas 23 economy, and is critical to the conduct of commerce and industry, and 24 the preservation and protection of the security and well-being of Kansas 25 residents; and 26 WHEREAS, The insurance industry in Kansas is a major employer 27 with approximately 21,000 employees within the state paying wages of 28 over $650 million annually, and contributing more than $1.2 billion to the 29 economy; and 30 WHEREAS, Kansans pay annually over $6 billion for insurance pro- 31 tection; and 32 WHEREAS, The financial scale of the insurance industry is substantial 33 within the state and the public is a significant purchaser of products sold 34 by out-of-state companies and any increase of purchases by Kansans of 35 in-state company products can generate increased income and wealth for 36 Kansas residents; and 37 WHEREAS, The legislative and executive branches of state govern- 38 ment should work together with the Insurance Department and the in- 39 surance industry in the state of Kansas in order to enhance and improve 40 this valuable economic asset; and 41 WHEREAS, It is a desirable public policy goal to identify through 42 research, analysis and planning specific policies, programs and actions that Sub. SCR 1601--Am. by HCW

 1  can be undertaken by the public and private sectors that will promote the
 2  growth of the existing Kansas insurance industry, enhance its financial
 3  viability and encourage the attraction and location of out-of-state insur-
 4  ance companies into Kansas: Now, therefore,
 5    Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Kansas, the House of Rep-
 6  resentatives concurring therein:  That a task force be established to ex-
 7  amine the current climate of the Kansas insurance industry, as well as
 8  other states which have a successful insurance industry, to determine
 9  whether actions can be taken to strengthen and improve the insurance
10  industry in Kansas; and
11    Be it further resolved:  That a task force be formed consisting of 13
12  members to include the Chair of the Senate Committee on Financial
13  Institutions and Insurance; the Chair of the House Committee on Insur-
14  ance; the ranking minority member of the Senate Committee on Financial
15  Institutions and Insurance; the ranking minority member of the House
16  Committee on Insurance; the Insurance Commissioner or her designee;
17  the Secretary of Housing and Commerce or his designee; two persons,
18  one representing a domestic life or health insurance company and one
19  representing a foreign life or health insurance company appointed by the
20  Insurance Commissioner from a list submitted by the Kansas Life Insur-
21  ance Association; two persons, one representing an other-than-life do-
22  mestic insurance company and one representing an other-than-life for-
23  eign insurance company appointed by the Insurance Commissioner from
24  a list submitted by the Kansas Association of Property and Casualty In-
25  surance Companies; one member representing the licensed Kansas in-
26  surance agents appointed by the Insurance Commissioner from a list sub-
27  mitted by the Kansas Association of Insurance Agents; and two members
28  appointed by the Governor representing the economic development in-
29  terests of the state and the public at large. The Governor shall appoint
30  the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson from the membership of the com-
31  mittee. The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson shall not be of the same
32  political party. Legislative members and representatives of the public
33  serving on the task force shall receive pay and allowances as provided for
34  legislative service; and
35    Be it further resolved:  The Legislative Research Department and
36  the Revisor of Statutes Office are hereby directed to provide such
37  staff as are necessary to assist the task force; and
38    Be it further resolved:  That the task force be appointed by July 1,
39  1997, and that it prepare and submit its report and recommendations to
40  the Governor, the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House
41  of Representatives by January 12, 1998 1999 [1998].