SCR 1610--
Session of 1997
Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 1610
By Committee on Elections and Local Government

9 A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION adopting a legislative code of ethics. 10 11 WHEREAS, Responsibility is the cornerstone of public service; and 12 WHEREAS, Honor is the anchor which grounds legislators to their 13 duties; and 14 WHEREAS, Integrity is the foundation upon which public trust is 15 built: Now, therefore, 16 Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Kansas, the House of Rep- 17 resentatives concurring therein: That the following is adopted as the 18 legislators code of ethics: 19 (a) When campaigning for office: 20 (1) I shall conduct truthful campaigns. 21 (2) I shall not engage in negative campaigning. 22 (3) I shall not misrepresent the positions of my opponent. 23 (4) I shall campaign with integrity. 24 (5) I shall accept the will of the voters. 25 (b) In the discharge of the duties of office: 26 (1) I shall govern for the people, not reelection. 27 (2) I shall listen to my constituents. 28 (3) I shall not bargain with a vote. 29 (4) I shall respect opposing opinions. 30 (5) I shall maintain voting integrity. 31 (6) I shall keep the public fully informed. 32 (7) I shall not use my position for personal or professional gain.