SCR 1611--
Session of 1997
Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 1611
By Committee on Public Health and Welfare

9 A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION establishing a task force to study the 10 accessibility of personal records and information which are held in the 11 public domain and to determine the adequacy of current state law in 12 protecting the privacy of individual citizens. 13 14 WHEREAS, The state has a vital interest in having access to certain 15 personal information about individual citizens in order to carry out the 16 necessary functions of government; and 17 WHEREAS, The state has an obligation to assure individuals that in- 18 formation gathered and held by the state through one of its agencies will 19 only be used for intended and lawful purposes; and 20 WHEREAS, The growing use of computers to access information held 21 in the public domain through the Internet has raised questions of confi- 22 dentiality and privacy: Now, therefore, 23 Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Kansas, the House of Rep- 24 resentatives concurring therein: That a task force be established to study 25 the extent to which personal information is gathered and maintained in 26 the public domain, the accessibility and availability of such information 27 to the public, the extent to which such information should be confidential 28 and not subject to disclosure except for expressly intended purposes, the 29 adequacy of current laws and regulations in protecting the privacy of 30 individual citizens by limiting access to such information; and recom- 31 mendations for legislative and regulatory changes to address the problem; 32 and 33 Be it further resolved: That a task force be formed consisting of nine 34 members, three appointed by the governor, two appointed by the presi- 35 dent of the senate, one appointed by the minority leader of the senate, 36 two appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives and one 37 appointed by the minority leader of the house of representatives. The 38 governor shall select one member to serve as chairperson; and 39 Be it further resolved: That the task force shall submit its report and 40 recommendations to the governor and the legislature on or before January 41 12, 1998.