Session of 1998
Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 1618
By Senators Vidricksen, Barone, Becker, Bleeker, Bond, Brownlee,
                Corbin, Donovan, Emert, Gilstrap, Harrington, Huelskamp, Jones,
                Jordan, Langworthy, Lawrence, Morris, Praeger, Pugh, Ranson,
                Salisbury, Salmans, Schraad, Steffes, Steineger, Tyson and
13             A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION memorializing the Congress of the
14             United States to enact legislation that will sunset the IRS Code by
15             December 31, 2000, and to develop and complete a replacement tax
16             code for the American people.
18           WHEREAS, The IRS Code is beyond repair; and
19           WHEREAS, The IRS Code is the core of the distrust of government
20       the American people feel; and
21           WHEREAS, The current tax code is seven million words, compared
22       to Lincoln's Gettysburg Address of 269 words, and the Declaration of
23       Independence of 1,337 words; and
24           WHEREAS, The IRS's ``simplest'' return, the EZForm 1040, has 33
25       pages of instructions, and the IRS Form 1040 has 76 pages of instructions;
26       and
27           WHEREAS, Individual taxpayers will spend 1.7 billion hours and
28       American business will spend 3.4 billion hours each year simply trying to
29       comply with the tax code--which is equivalent to a ``staff'' of three million
30       people working full time, year round, just on taxes; and
31           WHEREAS, Taxes are too high, but any steps to lower taxes by mod-
32       ifying the existing tax code would make it even longer and more confusing;
33       and
34           WHEREAS, This proposal embodies a prudent method and adequate
35       time for developing a new tax code: Now, therefore,
36           Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Kansas, the House of Rep-
37       resentatives concurring therein: That the legislature request of the Con-
38       gress of the United States enactment of legislation which will abolish the
39       IRS Code by December 31, 2000, and replace it with a new method of
40       taxation which in essence will:
41           Lower taxes, to create job opportunities
42           Foster growth, by encouraging work and savings
43           Be fair, for all taxpayers

SCR 1618


  1           Be simple enough for all taxpayers to understand
  2           Be neutral, allowing people, not government to make choices
  3           Be visible, so people know the cost of government
  4           Be stable, so people can plan for the future.
  5           Be it further resolved: That the legislature request the several states
  6       apply to Congress for enactment of this proposal; and
  7           Be it further resolved: That copies of this resolution, attesting to the
  8       adoption of this resolution, shall be transmitted by the Secretary of State
  9       to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Repre-
10       sentatives of the United States, to each member of the Kansas Congres-
11       sional Delegation and to the legislatures of the remaining 49 states.