HCR 5021--
Session of 1997
House Concurrent Resolution No. 5021
By Committee on Education

9 A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION directing the State Board of Edu- 10 cation to define the components of an essential core curriculum that 11 should be offered to every elementary and secondary public school 12 student, respectively, regardless of school size and location, to deter- 13 mine the probable costs of providing that curriculum, and to make a 14 report thereon to the Education Committees of the Senate and House 15 of Representatives. 16 17 WHEREAS, A public education, consisting of adequate instructional 18 programs, is considered as essential to the development and well-being 19 of our children, and the State of Kansas, since statehood, has provided 20 for the financing of public schools through state taxes and other mecha- 21 nisms provided by the Legislature, including local effort; and 22 WHEREAS, The Legislature is charged by the Kansas Constitution 23 with the responsibility of providing for intellectual, educational, voca- 24 tional and scientific improvement by establishing and maintaining public 25 schools, educational institutions and related activities which may be or- 26 ganized and changed in such manner as may be provided by law; and 27 WHEREAS, The Legislature is charged by the Kansas Constitution to 28 make suitable provision for finance of the educational interests of the 29 state; and 30 WHEREAS, The Kansas constitution requires that local public schools 31 under the general supervision of the state board of education shall be 32 maintained, developed and operated by locally elected boards, which may, 33 when authorized by law, make and carry out agreements for cooperative 34 operation and administration of educational programs under the general 35 supervision of the state board of education, subject to limitation, change 36 or termination by the Legislature; and 37 WHEREAS, The State Board of Education is charged by the Kansas 38 Constitution with general supervision of the public schools and other 39 educational interests of the state and shall perform such other duties as 40 may be provided by law; and 41 WHEREAS, The Supreme Court of Kansas has held that the basic 42 mission of the State Board of Education is to equalize and promote the 43 quality of education for the students of this state and that the Legislature HCR 5021

 1  may enact legislation to facilitate or assist the State Board in carrying out
 2  its constitutional mission; and
 3    WHEREAS, The Legislature, in addressing its constitutional charge
 4  to provide suitable funding for public education, has an interest in de-
 5  termining the components of an essential core curriculum, consisting of
 6  adequate instructional programs, that should be offered in elementary
 7  and secondary public schools in the state, respectively, and determining
 8  a suitable State funding base, meeting the requirements of the Kansas
 9  Constitution, for that essential core curriculum; and
10    WHEREAS, The Legislature acknowledges that a quality education
11  encompasses a variety of instructional programs in addition to those that
12  may be required at a minimum in order to satisfy the charge in the Kansas
13  Constitution, and that the funding of those additional programs will con-
14  tinue to be provided by traditional funding sources, but desires to define
15  the constitutional boundaries of the funding required by the Kansas Con-
16  stitution in order to avoid unnecessary litigation over the funding of public
17  schools in the state; and
18    WHEREAS, The Legislature believes that local school boards should
19  continue to be authorized to help develop their own additional instruc-
20  tional offerings and that local effort, consisting of various options, should
21  continue to play a role in the funding of the variety of educational offer-
22  ings developed by the state and local boards: Now, therefore,
23    Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Kansas,
24  the Senate concurring therein:  That the Legislature, in recognition of
25  the facts contained in the preamble of this resolution and being aware of
26  the necessity of having a definition of an essential core curriculum in
27  order to make suitable provision for the State funding of public educa-
28  tional interests contemplated by the Kansas Constitution, hereby directs
29  the State Board of Education to define the components of an essential
30  core curriculum, consisting of adequate instructional programs, to be
31  available in every school district in the state; and
32    Be it further resolved:  That upon adoption of its definition of an es-
33  sential core curriculum and specification of the academic components
34  thereof, the State Board of Education is hereby directed to collect and
35  record the costs, sufficiently itemized and with supporting documenta-
36  tion, that would be incurred, at elementary and secondary school sites of
37  all sizes and from all parts of the state, in providing that essential core
38  curriculum; and
39    Be it further resolved:  That the State Board of Education is hereby
40  directed, upon collecting the costs associated with providing the essential
41  core curriculum, to cause a report thereof, including the identity of the
42  schools involved in the report, to be delivered to the Education Com-
43  mittees of the Senate and the House of Representatives at the com-
HCR 5021

 1  mencement of the 1998 Session of the Legislature; and
 2    Be it further resolved:  That the Secretary of State is hereby directed
 3  to transmit enrolled copies of this resolution to the State Board of Edu-
 4  cation and to the Commissioner of Education, 120 S.E. 10th Avenue,
 5  Topeka, Kansas 66612-1182.