As Amended by House Commettee

          Session of 1998
House Concurrent Resolution No. 5028
By Joint Committee on Economic Development
          10             A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION memorializing Congress to urge the
11             Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture to continue
12             communication efforts with and assist Kansas' small meat processing
13             plants in compliance efforts relating to meat and poultry inspection.
15           WHEREAS, The United States Department of Agriculture's Food
16       Safety and Inspection Service has developed regulations relating to meat
17       and poultry production and inspection; and
18           WHEREAS, These regulations relate to written sanitation standard
19       operating procedures, sampling and testing, development and implemen-
20       tation of food safety systems and development of a microbiological sam-
21       pling program; and
22           WHEREAS, The exportation of quality Kansas products   is important
23       has long been the most critical issue to the growth and vitality of this
24       state's agricultural economy and   has long been a focal point of the State
25       of Kansas' economic plan; and
26           WHEREAS, The State of Kansas encourages the continued safe and
27       sanitary development, production and exportation of   Kansas Kansas' ag-
28       ricultural products, one product being Kansas meat products; and
29           WHEREAS, The State of Kansas previously maintained an ``equal to''
30       status with the Federal requirements regarding meat and poultry pro-
31       duction; and
32           WHEREAS, The Legislature of the State of Kansas and the Secretary
33       of Agriculture of the State of Kansas have and will always require that
34       meat and poultry products are processed in a safe, healthy and sanitized
35       manner; and
36           WHEREAS, Small meat processing plants will incur substantial costs
37       in implementing these regulations without the United States depart-
38       ment of agriculture's imminent communication and intervention;
39       and
40           WHEREAS, The continued existence of small meat processing plants
41       is extremely   important critical to the   economy socioeconomic survival
42       of many small towns throughout the State of Kansas; and
43           WHEREAS, The United States Department of Agriculture's Food

HCR 5028--Am.


  1       Safety and Inspection Service indicated that no small meat processing
  2       plants should go out of business as a result of implementation of the
  3       federal regulations.   The service indicated that communication
  4        WHEREAS, Communication between the Federal government, the
  5       Secretary of Agriculture, the Legislature and the small meat processing
  6       plants   (Rx)lated to regarding the actual effects of implementation of these
  7       regulations needs to be greatly improved; and
  8           WHEREAS, The Secretary of Agriculture should suggest an array of
  9       alternatives that would enable the state small meat processing plants
10       to comply with the Federal requirements and still   (male symbol)intain the state's
11       small meat processing plants ongoing existence survive by allowing Kan-
12       sas' small meat processing plants to be able to meet similar or equal to
13       standards to the federal regulations; and
14           WHEREAS, A better balance   must be made regarding the proper
15       implementation of federal regulations and the  &nbspc/ontinued existence sur-
16       vival of small meat processing plants in Kansas  , to that end it is imperative
17       that must be achieved by the Legislature of the State of Kansas, the
18       Secretary of Agriculture of the State of Kansas, the United States De-
19       partment of Agriculture and the small meat processing plants  &nbspc/ommu-
20       nicate and cooperate communication and cooperation to remove
21       these barriers to interstate commerce   by small meat processing plants is
22       critical: Now, therefore,
23           Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Kansas,
24       the Senate concurring therein: That we   urge request this body, the
25       Secretary of Agriculture of the State of Kansas and the United States
26       Department of Agriculture to  &nbspc/ontinue communications with commu-
27       nicate and respond to the critical socioeconomic plight of Kansas'
28       small meat processing plants and urge the Secretary of Agriculture of the
29       State of Kansas and the Secretary of the United States department
30       of agriculture to consider the critical impact and ramifications of im-
31       plementation of the federal regulations on these small meat processing
32       plants   (tri-stars)roughout the state with emphasis on complying with federal
33       requirements without losing any small meat processing plants; and
34           Be it further resolved: That the Chief Clerk of the House of Repre-
35       sentatives be directed to send enrolled copies of this resolution to the
36       Secretary of Agriculture of the State of Kansas, the Secretary of Agricul-
37       ture of the United States, each member of the Legislative Coordinating
38       Council and each member of the Kansas Congressional Delegation.