Session of 1998
House Concurrent Resolution No. 5057
By Representatives Garner and Aurand and Flaharty, Kirk, Krehbiel,
McClure, E. Peterson, Phelps, Spangler and Welshimer
          10             A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION requesting the state board of edu-
11             cation to develop curriculum teaching proper respect for the flag and
12             urging local boards of education to implement such curriculum.
14           WHEREAS, Millions of Americans hold the American flag in deep
15       reverence; and
16           WHEREAS, The American flag symbolizes the ideas of liberty and
17       equality and what our nation is and what it values. No other American
18       symbol has been as universally honored as the American flag; and
19           WHEREAS, The American flag has served as a rallying force for
20       American fighting men from Yorktown to the Persian Gulf; and
21           WHEREAS, Kansans believe that proper respect for the flag of the
22       United States and flag etiquette should be taught to Kansas school chil-
23       dren: Now, therefore,
24           Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Kansas,
25       the Senate concurring therein: That the Legislature requests the State
26       Board of Education to develop curriculum for Kansas school children in
27       the second, fifth and eighth grade teaching proper respect for the flag of
28       the United States and flag etiquette; and
29           Be it further resolved: That the Legislature urges all local boards of
30       education to implement such curriculum; and
31           Be it further resolved:  That the Secretary of State be directed to
32       send enrolled copies of this resolution to the State Board of Education
33       and to the Commissioner of Education at 120 S.E. 10th Avenue, Topeka,
34       Kansas 66612-1182.