HB 2265--
Session of 1997
By Representative Wilk

9 AN ACT concerning elections; establishing a bipartisan commission on 10 campaign practices. 11 12 Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas: 13 Section 1. This act shall be known and may be cited as the bipartisan 14 campaign commission act. 15 Sec. 2. As used in this act, ``commission'' means the bipartisan com- 16 mission on campaign practices. 17 Sec. 3. (a) The commission shall be composed of nine persons to be 18 appointed as follows: 19 (1) Two members shall be appointed by the governor. One of such 20 members shall be designated as the temporary chairperson of the com- 21 mission. 22 (2) Two members shall be appointed by the president of the senate. 23 (3) Two members shall be appointed by the speaker of the house of 24 representatives. 25 (4) One member shall be appointed by the minority leader of the 26 senate. 27 (5) One member shall be appointed by the minority leader of the 28 house of representatives. 29 (6) (A) One member shall be appointed, at the first meeting of the 30 commission, by the members appointed pursuant to paragraphs (1) 31 through (5). Such member shall serve as chairperson of the commission. 32 (B) If the chairperson is not appointed as provided by paragraph (A), 33 the governor shall appoint the chairperson. 34 The members described in paragraphs (1) through (5) shall be ap- 35 pointed within 30 days after the effective date of this act. No more than 36 five members of the commission shall be from the same political party. 37 (b) The temporary chairperson shall call the first meeting of the com- 38 mission within 30 days following the appointment of all members to the 39 commission, thereafter, the commission shall meet at the call of the chair- 40 person or at the request of six members of the commission. 41 (c) Vacancies in the commission shall be filled in the same manner 42 as the original appointment was made. 43 (d) Members of the commission shall be paid compensation, subsis- HB 2265

 1  tence allowances, mileage and other expenses as provided by K.S.A. 75-
 2  3223, and amendments thereto.
 3    (e)  Six members of the commission shall constitute a quorum. Any
 4  decision of the commission shall require the affirmative vote of six mem-
 5  bers.
 6    (f)  The staff of the office of the revisor of statutes, the legislative
 7  research department and the division of legislative administrative services
 8  shall provide such assistance as may be requested by the commission and
 9  authorized by the legislative coordinating council. The legislative division
10  of post audit shall provide such assistance as may be requested by the
11  commission and authorized by the legislative post audit committee. The
12  Kansas commission on governmental standards and conduct and each
13  other state agency shall provide assistance to the commission as may be
14  requested by the commission.
15    Sec. 4.  The commission shall study the laws and any rules and reg-
16  ulations that affect how campaigns for state office are conducted and may
17  make recommendations for legislation. In studying state campaign prac-
18  tices, the commission shall consider:
19    (1)  Whether too much or too little money is spent trying to influence
20  campaigns for state office and whether the money spent is sufficiently
21  disclosed.
22    (2)  Whether the current laws and rules and regulations governing
23  campaigns for state office encourage or discourage those most qualified
24  to hold office from seeking political office.
25    (3)  Whether the existing system of financing campaigns for state of-
26  fice promotes trust and confidence in the political process among the
27  electorate.
28    (4)  Whether the rules governing access to media ensure that the elec-
29  torate has the greatest possible opportunity to be informed of candidates'
30  positions on the issues.
31    (5)  Any other matters the commission considers appropriate.
32    Sec. 5.  On or before February 2, 1998, the commission shall submit
33  a report of its findings and recommendations to the governor and the
34  legislature.  Such report may include any recommendation for changes in
35  the laws and any rules and regulations governing the conduct of state
36  campaigns. Recommendations to the legislature shall be in drafted bill
37  form together with any explanatory information and data the commission
38  deems advisable. Such bills shall not be subject to amendment by either
39  the senate or the house of representatives.
40    Sec. 6.  The commission shall cease to exist May 8, 1998.
41    Sec. 7.  This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
42  publication in the Kansas register.