HB 2334--
Session of 1997
By Representatives O'Connor, Bradley, Dahl, Donovan, Faber, Farmer, Flower, Franklin, Freeborn, Geringer, Gilmore, Hayzlett, Henry, Howell, Hutchins, Jennison, Kejr, Phill Kline, Larkin, Lloyd, P.Long, Mason, Mays, Mollenkamp, Morrison, Myers,
Neufeld, O'Neal, Pow- ell, Powers, Presta, Shore, Swenson, Thimesch, Toplikar, Vickrey, Vin- ing and Wilk

AN ACT concerning abortion; relating to financial responsibility for costs relating to abortions performed on certain minors. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas: Section 1. If the court grants a minor's application for waiver of no- tice pursuant to K.S.A. 65-6705 and amendments thereto, such waiver shall relieve the minor's parents or legal guardians of financial responsi- bility for the costs of the minor's abortion and all costs related to amy complications arising from such abortion. Sec. 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its publication in the statute book.