HB 2388--
Session of 1997
By Representative Garner

9 AN ACT relating to elections; authorizing voters to vote for ``none of 10 these candidates'' upon the ballot; providing for the conduct of such 11 elections; and providing for subsequent elections if candidates fail to 12 be nominated or elected at the original election. 13 14 Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas: 15 Section 1. In addition to the requirements prescribed by K.S.A. 25- 16 213, 25-213a, 25-616 and 25-617, and amendments thereto, every ballot 17 upon which appears the names of two or more candidates for any state- 18 wide office, the Kansas senate and house of representatives, presidential 19 electors for the president and vice president of the United States and the 20 senate and house of representatives of the United States congress shall 21 contain for each office an additional line equivalent to the lines on which 22 the candidates' names appear and placed at the end of the group of lines 23 containing the names of the candidates for that office. Such additional 24 line shall contain a square in which the voter may express a choice in the 25 same manner as the voter would express a choice of a candidate, and the 26 line shall read ``None of these candidates.'' 27 Sec. 2. Upon canvassing the ballots, if ``None of these candidates'' 28 receives more votes than any candidate whose name appears on the ballot 29 for nomination or election to such office, no candidate shall receive a 30 certificate of nomination or election to such office and another election 31 for the nomination or election of candidates for such office shall be called 32 within 30 days. No candidate whose name appeared upon the ballot for 33 the original election and who failed to receive more votes than ``None of 34 these candidates'' shall be eligible to be a candidate in the subsequent 35 special election. No line for ``None of these candidates'' shall be placed 36 upon the ballot for the subsequent special election. Subsequent special 37 elections required by this section shall be called and conducted in accor- 38 dance with rules and regulations adopted by the secretary of state for 39 such purposes. 40 Sec. 3. Every sample ballot or other instruction to voters prescribed 41 or approved by the secretary of state shall clearly explain that the voter 42 may vote for ``None of these candidates'' only if he has not voted for any 43 candidate whose name is on the ballot for the office. HB 2388

 1    Sec. 4.  This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
 2  publication in the statute book.