SB 247--
Session of 1997
By Committee on Public Health and Welfare

9 AN ACT concerning public water supply systems; requiring the addition 10 of fluorides; amending K.S.A. 65-171m and repealing the existing 11 section. 12 13 Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas: 14 Section 1. K.S.A. 65-171m is hereby amended to read as follows: 65- 15 171m. The secretary of health and environment shall adopt rules and 16 regulations for the implementation of K.S.A. 65-162a, 65-163, 65-163a, 17 65-170b and 65-171m et seq., and amendments thereto. In addition to 18 procedural rules and regulations, the secretary may adopt rules and reg- 19 ulations providing for but not limited to: (a) Primary drinking water stan- 20 dards applicable to all public water supply systems in the state. The pri- 21 mary drinking water standards may (1) identify contaminants which may 22 have an adverse effect on the health of persons; (2) specify for each con- 23 taminant either a maximum contaminant level that is acceptable in water 24 for human consumption, if it is economically and technologically feasible 25 to ascertain the level of such contaminant in water in public water supply 26 systems; or the treatment techniques or methods which lead to a reduc- 27 tion of the level of the contaminant sufficient to protect the public health, 28 if it is not economically or technologically feasible to ascertain the level 29 of the contaminant in the water in the public water supply system; and 30 (b) establish the (b) the establishment of requirements for adequate mon- 31 itoring, maintenance of records and submission of reports, sampling and 32 analysis of water, citing criteria and review and inspections to insure com- 33 pliance with the contaminant levels or methods of treatment and to insure 34 proper operation and maintenance of the public water supply system; and 35 (c) the definition of different categories of public water supply systems 36 such as community water supply systems and noncommunity water supply 37 systems and may provide for varying requirements for monitoring, main- 38 tenance of records and reporting, sampling and analysis of water, citing 39 criteria, and review and inspections based on numbers of persons served, 40 source of supply whether surface or groundwater or other conditions as 41 the secretary may determine to be in the interest of public health and 42 welfare and economic benefits. 43 The standards established under this section shall be at least as strin- SB 247

 1  gent as the national primary drinking water regulations adopted under
 2  public law 93-523. No primary drinking water standard or rule and reg-
 3  ulation may require the addition of fluorides to public water supplies.
 4    New Sec. 2.  (a) In order to promote public health through the pro-
 5  tection and maintenance of dental health, the secretary of health and
 6  environment shall adopt rules and regulations requiring fluoridation of
 7  all community public water systems where natural fluoride levels are less
 8  than the minimum level necessary to protect and maintain dental health.
 9  All public water supply systems required to fluoridate their drinking wa-
10  ter, shall do so no later than July 1, 2001. Upon request by the public
11  water supply system, the Kansas department of health and environment
12  may offer technical assistance and training on system installation, opera-
13  tion and funding.
14    (b)  The rules and regulations shall include, but not be limited to, the
15  following:
16    (1)  The minimum level of natural fluoride to be provided by a public
17  water supply system to be exempted from the requirement to install fluor-
18  idation equipment.
19    (2)  Minimum and maximum permissible concentrations of fluoride
20  to be maintained by fluoridation of public water supply systems.
21    (3)  Requirements and procedures for maintaining proper concentra-
22  tions of fluoride, including equipment, testing, recordkeeping and re-
23  porting.
24    (4)  Requirements for the addition of fluorides to public water supply
25  systems where the natural level of fluorides is less than the minimum
26  level specified in the regulations for exemption from fluoridation require-
27  ments.
28    Sec. 3.  K.S.A. 65-171m is hereby repealed.
29    Sec. 4.  This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
30  publication in the statute book.