HB 2538--
Session of 1997
By Committee on Appropriations

9 AN ACT relating to property taxation; concerning the classification of 10 property for such purposes; amending K.S.A. 1996 Supp. 79-1439 and 11 repealing the existing section. 12 13 Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas: 14 Section 1. K.S.A. 1996 Supp. 79-1439 is hereby amended to read as 15 follows: 79-1439. (a) All real and tangible personal property which is sub- 16 ject to general ad valorem taxation shall be appraised uniformly and 17 equally as to class and, unless otherwise specified herein, shall be ap- 18 praised at its fair market value, as defined in K.S.A. 79-503a, and amend- 19 ments thereto. 20 (b) Property shall be classified into the following classes and assessed 21 at the percentage of value prescribed therefor: 22 (1) Real property shall be assessed as to subclass at the following 23 percentages of value: 24 (A) Real property used for residential purposes including multi-fam- 25 ily residential real property, real property necessary to accommodate a 26 residential community of mobile or manufactured homes including the 27 real property upon which such homes are located and residential real 28 property used partially for day care home purposes if such home has been 29 registered or licensed pursuant to K.S.A. 65-501 et seq., and amendments 30 thereto at 12% 11.5%; 31 (B) land devoted to agricultural use valued pursuant to K.S.A. 79- 32 1476, and amendments thereto, at 30%; 33 (C) vacant lots at 12%; and 34 (D) real property which is owned and operated by a not-for-profit 35 organization not subject to federal income taxation pursuant to section 36 501 of the federal internal revenue code and included herein pursuant to 37 K.S.A. 79-1439a, and amendments thereto, at 12%; 38 (E) real property used for commercial and industrial purposes and 39 buildings and other improvements located upon land devoted to agricul- 40 tural use at 25%; and 41 (D) (F) all other urban and rural real property not otherwise specif- 42 ically subclassed at 30%. 43 (2) Personal property shall be classified into the following classes and HB 2538

 1  assessed at the percentage of value prescribed therefor:
 2    (A)  Mobile homes used for residential purposes at 12% 11.5%;
 3    (B)  mineral leasehold interests, except oil leasehold interests the av-
 4  erage daily production from which is five barrels or less, and natural gas
 5  leasehold interests, the average daily production from which is 100 mcf
 6  or less, which shall be assessed at 25%, at 30%;
 7    (C)  public utility tangible personal property at 30%. As used in this
 8  paragraph, ``public utility'' shall have the meaning ascribed thereto by
 9  K.S.A. 79-5a01, and amendments thereto;
10    (D) (C)  all categories of motor vehicles listed and taxed pursuant to
11  K.S.A. 79-306d, and amendments thereto, and over-the-road motor ve-
12  hicles defined pursuant to K.S.A. 79-6a01, and amendments thereto, at
13  30%;
14    (E) (D)  commercial and industrial machinery and equipment, includ-
15  ing rolling equipment defined pursuant to K.S.A. 79-6a01, and amend-
16  ments thereto, which, if its economic life is seven years or more, shall be
17  valued at its retail cost when new less seven-year straight-line deprecia-
18  tion, or which, if its economic life is less than seven years, shall be valued
19  at its retail cost when new less straight-line depreciation over its economic
20  life, except that, the value so obtained for such property as long as it is
21  being used shall not be less than 20% of the retail cost when new of such
22  property at 20% 25%; and
23    (F) (E)  all other tangible personal property not otherwise specifically
24  classified at 30%.
25    (3)  Public utility property as defined in K.S.A. 79-5a01, and amend-
26  ments thereto, including inventories thereof, shall be appraised at fair
27  market value as defined in K.S.A. 79-5a04, and amendments thereto, and
28  shall be assessed at 33%, except railroad property including inventories
29  thereof, which shall be assessed at the average rate all other commercial
30  and industrial property is assessed.
31    Sec. 2.  K.S.A. 1996 Supp. 79-1439 is hereby repealed.
32    Sec. 3.  This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
33  publication in the statute book.