Session of 1998
By Special Committee on Education
            9             AN ACT concerning special education services for exceptional children;
10             affecting the determination of state aid entitlements for provision
11             thereof; amending K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 72-978 and repealing the existing
12             section.
14       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
15           Section 1. K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 72-978 is hereby amended to read as
16       follows: 72-978. (a) (1) In each school year, ;n accordance with appropri-
17       ations for special education services provided under this act, each school
18       district districts which has have provided special education services in
19       compliance with the requirements of the state plan and the provisions of
20       this act shall be entitled to receive state aid in an amount which shall be
21       computed by the state board as provided in this section. The state board
22       shall:
23           (1) Determine the total amount of general fund and local option bud-
24       gets of all school districts for the school year;
25           (2) subtract from the amount determined in provision (1) the total
26       amount attributable to assignment of transportation weighting, program
27       weighting and at-risk pupil weighting to enrollment of all school districts;
28           (3) divide the remainder obtained in provision (2) by the total number
29       of pupils enrolled in all school districts on September 20;
30           (4) determine the total full-time equivalent enrollment of exceptional
31       children in special education services provided by all school districts in
32       the school year;
33           (5) multiply the amount of the quotient obtained in provision (3) by
34       the full-time equivalent enrollment determined in provision (4);
35           (6) determine the total amount of expenditures of all school districts
36       from revenue derived from state and local resources for special education
37       services in the school year;
38           (7) subtract the amount of the product obtained in provision (5) from
39       the amount determined in provision (6);
40           (8) compute 85% of the remainder obtained in provision (7). The
41       computed amount is the amount of state special education aid school dis-
42       tricts are entitled to receive for the provision of special education services.
43           (b) Each school district shall be entitled to receive:

HB 2597


  1           (A) (1) Reimbursement for actual travel allowances paid to special
  2       teachers at not to exceed the rate specified under K.S.A. 75-3203, and
  3       amendments thereto, for each mile actually traveled during the school
  4       year in connection with duties in providing special education services for
  5       exceptional children; such reimbursement shall be computed by the state
  6       board by ascertaining the actual travel allowances paid to special teachers
  7       by the school district for the school year and shall be in an amount equal
  8       to 80% of such actual travel allowances;
  9           (B) (2) reimbursement in an amount equal to 80% of the actual travel
10       expenses incurred for providing transportation for exceptional children to
11       special education services; such reimbursement shall not be paid if such
12       child has been counted in determining the transportation weighting of
13       the district under the provisions of the school district finance and quality
14       performance act;
15           (C) (3) reimbursement in an amount equal to 80% of the actual ex-
16       penses incurred for the maintenance of an exceptional child at some place
17       other than the residence of such child for the purpose of providing special
18       education services; such reimbursement shall not exceed $600 per excep-
19       tional child per school year; and
20           (D) (4) after subtracting the amounts of reimbursement under (A),
21       (B) and (C) provisions (1), (2) and (3) from the total amount appropriated
22       of state aid for special education services computed under ;(tri-stars)is act sub-
23       section (a), an amount which bears the same proportion to the remaining
24       amount appropriated as the number of full-time equivalent special teach-
25       ers employed by the school district for approved special education serv-
26       ices bears to the total number of full-time equivalent special teachers
27       employed by all school districts for approved special education services.
28           (2) (c) For the purposes of making computations under this section:
29           (1) Each special teacher who is a paraprofessional shall be counted
30       as 2/5 full-time equivalent special teacher.;
31           (b) (1) (2) No special teacher in excess of the number of special
32       teachers necessary to comply with the ratio of special teacher to excep-
33       tional children prescribed by the state board for the school district shall
34       be counted ;n making computations under this section.;
35           (2) (3) No time spent by a special teacher in connection with duties
36       performed under a contract entered into by the juvenile correctional fa-
37       cility at Atchison, the juvenile correctional facility at Beloit or the juvenile
38       correctional facility at Topeka and a school district for the provision of
39       special education services by such state institution shall be counted in
40       making computations under this section.
41           Sec. 2. K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 72-978 is hereby repealed.
42           Sec. 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
43       publication in the statute book.