Session of 1998
By Representatives McCreary, Adkins, Alldritt, Aurand, Ballard, Beggs,
                Boston, Burroughs, Campbell, Carmody, Compton, Cook, Correll,
                Cox, Crow, Dean, Dillon, Dreher, Edmonds, Empson, Faber, Farmer,
                Feuerborn, Findley, Flaharty, Flora, Franklin, Freeborn, Garner, Ger-
                inger, Gilbert, Gilmore, Glasscock, Grant, Haley, Hayzlett, Hender-
                son, Henry, Holmes, Horst, Howell, Huff, Humerickhouse, Hutchins,
                Jennison, Johnston, Kejr, Kirk, Klein, Krehbiel, Kuether, Landwehr,
                Lane, Larkin, P. Long, Mason, Mayans, Mays, McClure, McKechnie,
                McKinney, Minor, Mollenkamp, Myers, O'Neal, Osborne, Packer, Pal-
                mer, Pauls, E. Peterson, J. Peterson, Phelps, Pottorff, Powell, Powers,
                Ray, Reardon, Reinhardt, Ruff, Sawyer, Schwartz, Shallenburger,
                Sharp, Shore, Showalter, Shultz, Spangler, Stone, Storm, Swenson,
                Tanner, Thimesch, Toelkes, Toplikar, Vickrey, Vining, Wagle, Weber,
                Weiland, Wells, Welshimer, Wempe, and Wilson
          22             AN ACT making and concerning appropriations for the fiscal year ending
23             June 30, 1998, for the Kansas commission on veterans affairs for a
24             donation for the Women in Military Service for America Memorial;
25             authorizing certain transfers and imposing certain restrictions and lim-
26             itations, and directing or authorizing certain receipts and disburse-
27             ments and acts incidental to the foregoing.
29       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
30           Section 1. (a) For the fiscal year ending June 30, 1998, appropria-
31       tions are hereby made, restrictions and limitations are hereby imposed,
32       and transfers, receipts, disbursements and acts incidental to the foregoing
33       are hereby directed or authorized as provided in this act.
34           Sec. 2.
36           (a) There is appropriated for the above agency from the state general
37       fund the following:
\tb\Women in Military Service for America Memorial donation[cm$10,000[et

39       Provided, That the above agency shall administer and provide for the disposition of this
40       donation for the Women in Service for America Memorial, located in Arlington, Virginia,
41       on behalf of the state of Kansas.
42           Sec. 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
43       publication in the Kansas register.