Session of 1998
By Representative Howell
            9             AN ACT concerning criminal procedure; establishing the Pittsburg state
10             university regional crime laboratory; relating to forensic examinations;
11             amending K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 22-2902a and repealing the existing
12             section.
14       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
15           New Section 1. The Kansas bureau of investigation shall establish a
16       criminal laboratory at Pittsburg state university. Such laboratory shall be
17       known as the Pittsburg state university regional crime laboratory. The
18       director of the Kansas bureau of investigation may adopt rules and reg-
19       ulations prescribing policies, procedures and forms to be used by such
20       laboratory.
21           Sec. 2. K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 22-2902a is hereby amended to read as
22       follows: 22-2902a. At any preliminary examination in which the results of
23       a forensic examination, analysis, comparison or identification prepared by
24       the Kansas bureau of investigation, the federal bureau of investigation,
25       the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms of the United States depart-
26       ment of the treasury, the state secretary of health and environment, the
27       sheriff's department of Johnson, Shawnee or Sedgwick county, the police
28       department of the cities of Overland Park, Topeka or Wichita, the
29       Sedgwick county regional forensic science center, the drug enforcement
30       administration, the air force of the United States, the navy of the United
31       States, the army of the United States, the Missouri southern state college
32       regional crime laboratory, the Pittsburg state university regional crime
33       laboratory or Bethany medical center, inc. located in Kansas City, Kansas
34       are to be introduced as evidence, the report, or a copy of the report, of
35       the findings of the forensic examiner shall be admissible into evidence in
36       the preliminary examination in the same manner and with the same force
37       and effect as if the forensic examiner who performed such examination,
38       analysis, comparison or identification and prepared the report thereon
39       had testified in person.
40           Sec. 3. K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 22-2902a is hereby repealed.
41           Sec. 4. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
42       publication in the statute book.