Session of 1998
By Representative Weiland
(By request)
          10             AN ACT establishing the advisory commission on Native American Indian
11             affairs; composition thereto; election of officers; powers and duties.
13       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
14           Section 1. There is hereby established the advisory commission on
15       Native American Indian affairs hereinafter referred to as the advisory
16       commission. The advisory commission shall be advisory to the secretary
17       of human resources.
18           Sec. 2. The advisory commission shall consist of eight members. The
19       membership of the advisory commission shall include: (a) Four tribal
20       representatives, one from each of the four resident Kansas Indian tribes,
21       Pottawatomie, Kickapoo, Iowa and Sac and Fox, to be selected by the
22       governing body of the respective tribe; (b) one member appointed by the
23       governor who is a faculty member of Haskell Indian Nations university;
24       (c) one member appointed by the governor who has been recommended
25       by the non-reservation Indian coalition to represent the urban Native
26       American Indian community; and (d) in 1998 and every four years there-
27       after, one senator appointed by the president of the senate and one rep-
28       resentative appointed by the minority leader of the house of represen-
29       tatives, and in 2000 and every four years thereafter, one senator appointed
30       by the minority leader of the senate and one representative appointed by
31       the speaker of the house of representatives. No more than four members
32       shall be members of the same political party. Appointing authorities shall
33       consult each other to assure effectuation of the foregoing requirement.
34       A person appointed to fill a vacancy which occurs prior to the expiration
35       of a term shall be appointed for the unexpired term. Each member of
36       the commission shall be appointed for a two-year term.
37           Sec. 3. (a) The advisory commission shall organize annually by the
38       election from its membership of a chairperson and a secretary. The ad-
39       visory commission may adopt such rules of procedure as the commission
40       deems necessary for the conduct of business.
41           (b) The advisory commission shall meet at least four times a year.
42       The chairperson may call additional meetings. A majority of members
43       shall constitute a quorum.

HB 2915


  1           (c) Members of the advisory commission attending meetings of such
  2       commission shall be paid amounts provided in subsection (e) of K.S.A.
  3       75-3223, and amendments thereto.
  4           Sec. 4. (a) The advisory commission may appoint, subject to the ap-
  5       proval of the secretary of human resources, an executive director who
  6       shall be qualified by education and experience to assume the responsi-
  7       bilities of such office.
  8           (b) The executive director shall be the administrative officer of the
  9       advisory commission and shall serve the advisory commission by gathering
10       information, disseminating findings of fact and other information, for-
11       warding proposals and evaluations to the secretary of human resources,
12       the governor, the legislature and various state agencies, carrying out pub-
13       lic education programs, conducting hearings and conferences and per-
14       forming other duties necessary for the proper operation of the advisory
15       commission.
16           Sec. 5. The advisory commission shall have the following functions,
17       powers and duties:
18           (a) Coordinate intergovernmental dealings between tribal govern-
19       ments and this state;
20           (b) investigate the needs of Native Americans in this state and provide
21       technical assistance in the preparation of plans for the alleviation of such
22       needs;
23           (c) cooperate with and secure the assistance of the local, state and
24       federal governments or any agencies thereof in formulating and coordi-
25       nating programs regarding Native American affairs adopted or planned
26       by the federal government so that the full benefit of such programs will
27       accrue to the Native Americans of this state;
28           (d) review and make recommendations on all proposed or pending
29       legislation and amendments to the existing legislation affecting Native
30       Americans in this state;
31           (e) study the existing status of recognition of all Native American
32       groups, tribes and communities presently existing in this state;
33           (f) accept and receive gifts, funds, grants, bequests and contributions
34       for use in furthering the purposes of the commission;
35           (g) contract with public or private bodies to provide services and fa-
36       cilities for promoting the welfare of the Indian people;
37           (h) solicit, receive and expend federal funds to effectuate the pur-
38       poses of this act and enter into contracts and agreements with any federal
39       agency for such purposes;
40           (i) stimulate public awareness of the concerns and problems of Native
41       Americans by conducting a program of public education;
42           (j) conduct training programs for community leadership and service
43       project staff; and

HB 2915


  1           (k) submit an annual report to the governor, the senate and the house
  2       of representatives on the activities of the commission.
  3           Sec. 6. The executive director of the advisory commission may ap-
  4       point, subject to the approval of the advisory commission and the secre-
  5       tary of human resources, technical advisor and assistants to develop, assist
  6       and cooperate with local organizations and associations on Native Amer-
  7       icans.
  8           Sec. 7. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
  9       publication in the statute book.