As Amended by House Committee

As Amended by Senate Committee

          Session of 1998
By Senators Oleen and Hardenburger
          12             AN ACT concerning school district food service programs districts; au-
13             thorizing boards of education to enter into certain contracts with mu-
14             nicipalities for food service; relating to enrollment of nonresident
15             pupils; authorizing certain expenditures from inservice educa-
16             tion funds; amending K.S.A. 72-9609 and K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 72-
17             1046a and 72-5126 and repealing the existing section sections.
19       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
20           Section 1. K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 72-5126 is hereby amended to read as
21       follows: 72-5126. (a) The board of education of any school district may
22       enter into contracts with:
23           (1) The governing authority of any nonpublic school or any child-care
24       institution for the provision of meals for children in attendance at such
25       nonpublic school or child-care institution; and
26           (2) the governing body of any municipality for the provision of meals
27       for officers or employees of the municipality to persons for whom the
28       municipality is responsible for providing meals.
29           (b) Any such contract entered into by a board of education pursuant
30       to the provisions of this section shall provide for payment by the nonpublic
31       school or, child-care institution, or municipality, as applicable, of the costs
32       incurred by the school district. Moneys received by a school district under
33       any such contract entered into pursuant to the provisions of this section
34       shall be deposited in the food service fund of the district and may be
35       expended whether budgeted or not.
36           (b) (c) The provisions contained in article 51 of chapter 72 of Kansas
37       Statutes Annotated, except the provisions contained in K.S.A. 72-5117
38       and 72-5118, and amendments thereto, shall apply to meals provided by
39       the board of education of a school district under any contract entered
40       into pursuant to the provisions of this section.
41           (c) (d) As used in this section, the term ``nonpublic school'' means a
42       nonpublic school approved by the state board of education for partici-
43       pation in food service programs defined in K.S.A. 72-5112, and amend-

SB 388--Am. by H


  1       ments thereto, and the term ``child-care institution'' has the meaning as-
  2       cribed thereto in K.S.A. 72-5124, and amendments thereto, and the term
  3       ``municipality'' means any county, township, city, or other political or
  4       taxing subdivision of the state, or any agency, authority, institution or
  5       other instrumentality thereof.
  6        Sec. 2. K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 72-1046a is hereby amended to read
  7       as follows: 72-1046a. (a) The board of education of any school dis-
  8       trict is hereby authorized to permit pupils who are not residents
  9       of the school district to enroll in and attend the schools of the
10       district. The board of education may shall permit such nonresident
11       pupils to attend school without charge or, subject to the provisions
12       of subsection (b), may charge such pupils for attendance at school to
13       offset, totally or in part, the costs of providing for such attendance.
14       Amounts received under this subsection by the board of education of a
15       school district for enrollment and attendance of pupils at school in regular
16       educational programs shall be deposited in the general fund of the school
17       district.
18           (b) Pupils who are not residents of a school district and are
19       attending the schools of the school district in accordance with the
20       provisions of an agreement entered into under authority of K.S.A.
21       72-8233, and amendments thereto, shall not be charged for at-
22       tendance at school. The costs of providing for the attendance of
23       such pupils at school shall be paid by the school district of resi-
24       dence of the pupils in accordance with the provisions of the agree-
25       ment.
26           Sec. 3. K.S.A. 72-9609 is hereby amended to read as follows:
27       72-9609. There is hereby established in every school district a fund
28       which shall be called the inservice education fund, which fund shall
29       consist of all moneys deposited therein or transferred thereto ac-
30       cording to law. All moneys received by the school district from
31       whatever source for inservice education programs established un-
32       der this act shall be credited to the fund established by this section.
33       The expenses of a school district directly attributable to inservice
34       education programs shall be paid from the inservice education
35       fund. Direct payment to certificated personnel for attending staff devel-
36       opment programs or activities conducted during noncontractual time of
37       such personnel shall be an allowable expense to be paid from the inservice
38       education fund.
39           Sec. 2 4. K.S.A. 72-9609 and K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 72-1046a and 72-
40       5126 is are hereby repealed.
41           Sec. 3 5. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
42       publication in the statute book.