Session of 1998
By Joint Committee on Pensions, Investments and Benefits
            9             AN ACT concerning the Kansas public employees retirement system and
10             systems thereunder; relating to retirement benefits; amending K.S.A.
11             1997 Supp. 74-4988 and repealing the existing section.
13       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
14           Section 1. K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 74-4988 is hereby amended to read as
15       follows: 74-4988. (1) (a) Each person who is a member of a retirement
16       system and who becomes a member of another retirement system shall
17       receive credit under each such retirement system for credited service
18       under the other retirement system for the purpose of satisfying any re-
19       quirement for such person to complete certain periods of service to be-
20       come eligible to receive a retirement benefit or disability benefit or for
21       such person's beneficiaries to receive a death benefit. The retirement
22       benefit which a person becomes eligible to receive under a retirement
23       system shall be based only on credited service under such retirement
24       system, except that the determination of final average salary under such
25       retirement system shall include the compensation received as a member
26       of each other retirement system if such compensation is higher. Except
27       as provided in subsection (1)(b), such retirement benefit shall become
28       payable upon the member submitting an application to retire under each
29       system, except that a member who is not eligible to retire under the
30       retirement system to which such member is not currently making con-
31       tributions because such member does not meet the age requirements of
32       the earliest retirement date of such system may retire, upon meeting the
33       requirements for retirement, under the provisions of the retirement sys-
34       tem which the member had been most recently making contributions.
35       No further rights and benefits will accrue under the retirement system
36       to which the member is not currently making contributions after the date
37       the member retires from the system from which the member had been
38       most recently making contributions and the member will be retired and
39       benefits shall commence on the date that the member would first have
40       attained retirement age from the system to which the member is not
41       currently making contributions.
42           (b) The requirement that a member shall submit an application to
43       retire under each system before becoming eligible to receive any retire-

SB 617


  1       ment system benefits shall not apply to any member who was active and
  2       contributing to one retirement system on July 1, 1995.
  3           (2) Any member who is not otherwise eligible for service credit as
  4       provided for in subsection (1)(a) of K.S.A. 74-4913 or subsection (1)(a)
  5       of K.S.A. 74-4936 and amendments thereto, may be granted credit for
  6       the service upon the attainment of 38 quarters of participating service in
  7       any retirement system as defined in subsection (3)(b) or upon retirement.
  8           (3) As used in this section:
  9           (a) ``Member'' means a person who has attained membership in a
10       retirement system, who has not retired under such retirement system and
11       who has not withdrawn such person's accumulated contributions for such
12       retirement system; and
13           (b) ``retirement system'' means the Kansas public employees retire-
14       ment system, the Kansas police and firemen's retirement system and the
15       retirement system for judges.
16           Sec. 2. K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 74-4988 is hereby repealed.
17           Sec. 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
18       publication in the statute book.