Session of 1998
By Senators Huelskamp, Bleeker, Brownlee, Clark, Donovan, Harden-
burger, Jordan, Lawrence, Pugh, Salmans, Schraad, Tyson and
          11             AN ACT concerning computers and cyberporn; relating to limiting in-
12             ternet access to obscene, pornographic and illegal matter; conditioning
13             distribution or appropriation of public funds to schools and libraries.
15       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
16           Section 1. (a) No public funds shall be distributed or appropriated
17       to any public library or school district, state educational institution, mu-
18       nicipal university, technical college, vocational education school or com-
19       munity college that has not certified to the governing body of such library
20       or school that such library or school has:
21           (1) Selected a system for computers with internet access to filter or
22       block matter deemed to be inappropriate to minors due to the obscene,
23       pornographic or illegal nature of such matter;
24           (2) installed or will install as soon as it obtains computers with inter-
25       net access, a system to filter or block such matter; and
26           (3) adopted policies and guidelines to control access to such matters
27       including written policies controlling improper use of such computer ter-
28       minals, requirements for parental involvement or written authorization
29       for internet use by minors, supervised internet access and strict policies
30       to deny usage to individuals found repeatedly using computers to access
31       obscene, pornographic or illegal matter.
32           (b) Determination of what matter is deemed to be inappropriate to
33       minors due to the obscene, pornographic or illegal nature of such matter
34       shall be made by the library or school or the governing body of such
35       library or school.
36           (c) The governing body of such library or school shall adopt rules and
37       regulations to carry out the provisions of this act.
38           Sec. 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
39       publication in the statute book.