SB 76--
By Committee on Elections and Local Government

AN ACT concerning members of the legislature; enacting the Kansas legislator's code of ethics. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas: Section 1. (a) After taking the oath or affirmation required by K.S.A. 54-106, and amendments thereto, each member of the legislature shall be given the opportunity to sign a copy of the state legislative code of ethics provided in subsection (b). (b) I proudly sign this pledge to adhere to this code of ethics: (1) Responsibility is the cornerstone of public service. (A) To the voters: (i) I shall conduct truthful campaigns, honesty first and foremost. (ii) I shall have an open door policy; I shall listen to my constituents. (B) To the future: (i) No quick fixes, I shall not sacrifice our future for political expe- diency. (ii) I shall govern for the people not reelection. (C) To one's colleagues: (i) I shall not engage in negative campaigning. (ii) I shall not misrepresent the positions of my opponent. (2) Honor is the anchor which grounds us in our duty. (A) In discharge of my duties: (i) I shall not bargain with a vote. (ii) I shall respect opposing opinions. (B) In my nonpolitical life: (i) I shall be supportive, emotionally and financially to my family. (ii) I shall be involved in a positive way in my community and my district. (C) In campaigning: (i) I shall keep the public fully informed. (ii) I shall accept the will of the voters. (3) Integrity is the foundation upon which public trust is built. (A) Financial: (i) I shall maintain voting integrity. My vote cannot be bought. (ii) I shall have campaign integrity. I shall not bend election rules. -(B) Professional: (i) I know that my votes are of value to my constituents. (ii) I shall not use my position for personal or professional gain. (C) Personal: (i) My word is good. (ii) I shall hold myself to a higher standard of conduct. _____________________........................................................... ______________________________ Date Signature (c) A copy of the code of ethics signed by each senator shall be filed with the secretary of the senate and in the office of the secretary of state. A copy of the code of ethics signed by each member of the house of representatives shall be filed with the chief clerk of the house of repre- sentatives and in the office of the secretary of state. Sec. 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its publication in the statute book.