[As Further Amended by Senate Committee of the Whole]

As Amended by Senate Committee
Session of 2000
Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 1641
By Committee on Commerce

11             A  CONCURRENT  RESOLUTION forming the enhanced 911 task
12             force.
14             WHEREAS,  The ability of the public to contact police, fire and emer-
15       gency medical services by dialing the three digit 911 number has con-
16       tributed greatly to the public's safety, health and welfare; and
17             WHEREAS,  Advances in telecommunications technology have made
18       enhanced 911 services available to users of wireless telephones; and
19             WHEREAS,  The deployment of enhanced 911 services has created
20       several important public policy issues including the method of its de-
21       ployment, the amount and means of revenue used to support it and the
22       need for coordination between local governments: Now, therefore,
24             Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Kansas, the House of Rep-
25       resentatives concurring therein: That there shall be established an en-
26       hanced 911 task force which shall develop a strategy for funding and
27       deploying wireless emergency telephone services. Such plan shall include
28       suggestions for future action by the Legislature with respect to deploying
29       efficient and economical enhanced 911 services; implementing equitable
30       and adequate means to fund such services. Specifically, the task force
31       shall make recommendations and propose legislation, if appropriate, con-
32       cerning the following: The mechanism for administering wireless 911
33       service, with a focus on whether such service shall be administered on a
34       centralized basis; the possible formation of an oversight board to address
35       future technological, coordination and regulatory issues related to de-
36       ployment of wireless emergency telephone service; the fairness and ad-
37       equacy of the mechanism for funding such service; the method for re-
38       covering costs incurred by public safety answering points and the
39       mechanism, if any, by wireless telecommunications service providers in
40       providing emergency telephone service; and any other issues the task
41       force deems relevant to the deployment of emergency telephone service.
42             Be it further resolved: The the task force consist of 15 16 [17] mem-


  1       bers. Two members shall be representatives of wireless telecommunica-
  2       tions carriers to be appointed by the Legislative Coordinating Council.
  3       The remainder of the task force shall be appointed as follows: One
  4       member representing a local exchange carrier other than a rural tele-
  5       phone company to be designated by the Kansas Telecommunications As-
  6       sociation. One and one member representing a rural telephone company
  7       to be appointed shall be recommended by the Kansas Telecommu-
  8       nications Industry Association by the Legislative Coordinating Coun-
  9       cil. Two members appointed shall be recommended by the Kansas As-
10       sociation of Counties. Two and two members designated shall be
11       recommended by the League of Kansas Municipalities. One member
12       shall be a person with a communication disability recommended by
13       the Kansas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. [One
14       member shall be recommended by the Kansas Emergency Medical
15       Services Association.] The names of the recommended members
16       shall be transmitted to the Legislative Coordinating Council for fi-
17       nal approval. No such recommended member shall serve unless ap-
18       proved by the Council. The Adjutant General or the Adjutant General's
19       designee. The Superintendent of the Highway Patrol or the Superinten-
20       dent's designee. The Secretary of Revenue or the Secretary's designee.
21       The Chair of the Kansas Corporation Commission or the Chair's
22       designee. Four legislators as follows: one member appointed by the
23       Speaker of the House of Representatives; one member appointed by the
24       House Minority Leader; one member appointed by the President of the
25       Senate; and one member appointed by the Senate minority Leader. The
26       Legislative Coordinating Council shall appoint one legislative member as
27       chair of the task force. All meetings shall be on call of the chair. Legis-
28       lators serving on the taskforce shall be compensated at the rate prescribed
29       in K.S.A. 75-3223 and amendments thereto for each day of actual at-
30       tendance at task force meetings and any subcommittee meeting approved
31       by the chair. All other task force members shall serve without compen-
32       sation. Legislative members shall be compensated from funds appropri-
33       ated for legislative operating expenses pursuant to vouchers prepared by
34       the Director of Legislative and Administrative Services and approved by
35       the Legislative Coordinating Council pursuant to law; and
36             Be it further resolved: That the task force shall report its findings and
37       conclusion to the House Committee on Utilities and the Senate Com-
38       mittee on Commerce during the first week of the 2001 legislative session.
39       The Legislative Research Department and the Office of the Revisor of
40       Statutes shall provide staff support to the task force as necessary. Such
41       legislative staff shall prepare the report and any legislation recommended
42       by the task force.