Session of 1999
House Concurrent Resolution No. 5042
By Representative Shriver

  9             A  CONCURRENT  RESOLUTION providing for a special committee
10             to make a legislative study concerning the flooding of 1998.
12             Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Kansas,
13       the Senate concurring therein: That the legislative coordinating council
14       shall appoint or designate a special committee to study the causes of the
15       1998 flood in southeastern Kansas, the adequacy and coordination of re-
16       sponses to the flooding, prevention of similar flooding in the future, meas-
17       ures to decrease damage resulting from similar future floods and such
18       other matters as the legislative coordinating council may specify; and
19             Be it further resolved: That such special committee shall complete its
20       study and transmit its report and recommendations to the legislative co-
21       ordinating council on or before December 1, 1999, unless the legislative
22       coordinating council authorizes an extension of that time.