Session of 2000
House Concurrent Resolution No. 5068
                          By Representatives Johnston, Alldritt, Ballard, Barnes, Crow, Dean, Far-
                mer, Feuerborn, Findley, Flaharty, Flora, Garner, Gatewood, Gilbert,
                Grant, Gregory, Haley, Helgerson, Henderson, Humerickhouse, Kirk,
                Klein, Krehbiel, Larkin, Mason, Mayans, McClure, McCreary, Mc-
                Kinney, Merrick, Minor, Myers, O'Brien, Pauls, Phelps, Pottorff, Pow-
                ell, Powers, Ray, Reardon, Sharp, Showalter, Shultz, Sloan, Storm,
                Tanner, Thimesch, Toelkes, Vining, Wagle, Weiland, Wells, and

17             A  CONCURRENT  RESOLUTION recognizing the Korean War Me-
18             morial in Wichita as the Kansas Korean War Memorial.
20             WHEREAS,  The Kansas Korean War Memorial Association, a non-
21       profit Kansas corporation, has been the moving force behind efforts to
22       establish a Korean War Memorial in Veterans Memorial Park in down-
23       town Wichita; and
24             WHEREAS,  An appropriate design has been selected, and construc-
25       tion has been completed except for final art work. The project will be
26       dedicated as a Korean War Memorial on July 27, 2000; and
27             WHEREAS,  Donations are still being accepted (c/o the Kansas Ko-
28       rean War Memorial Assn, P.O. Box 4223, Wichita, KS 67204-0223) for
29       this project; and
30             WHEREAS,  The Kansas Korean War Memorial Association has ini-
31       tiated action to have the memorial designated as a state historic register
32       site; and
33             WHEREAS,  The state of Kansas has no designated site honoring the
34       476 Kansans who were killed, missing in action or prisoners of war in the
35       Korean War, and it is appropriate that such a site be officially recognized:
36       Now, therefore,
37             Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Kansas,
38       the Senate concurring therein: That the Kansas Legislature recognizes
39       the Korean War Memorial in Wichita as the Kansas Korean War Me-
40       morial; and
41             Be it further resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to pro-
42       vide a copy of this resolution to the Executive Director of the State His-
43       torial Society and to Robert Pinkstaff, President, Kansas Korean War
44       Memorial Association, 1928 South Cooper Ct., Wichita, KS 67207.