As Amended by House Committee
Session of 2000
House Concurrent Resolution No. 5069
By Committee on Environment

11             A  CONCURRENT  RESOLUTION urging all agencies and authorities
12             of the State and of subdivisions of the State to use soydiesel blend in
13             their diesel-powered vehicles.
15             WHEREAS,  Soydiesel, also known as biodiesel, is a blend of soybean
16       oil and diesel fuel that blend is proven through extensive research studies
17       to offer superior performance in diesel-powered engines while reducing
18       harmful emissions; and
19             WHEREAS,  Soydiesel blend is recognized and accepted as an alter-
20       native fuel by the United States government; and
21             WHEREAS,  Soydiesel blend provides another market for surplus soy-
22       bean oil, offering farmers an opportunity for an additional $.11 a bushel
23       as a result of this new market and in turn helping the state's economy;
24       and
25             WHEREAS,  Soydiesel blend is being made available to Kansas con-
26       sumers through at least five terminal fuel outlets located throughout the
27       state of Kansas: Now, therefore,
28             Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Kansas,
29       the Senate concurring therein: That all agencies and authorities of the
30       State or of any subdivision of the State are urged to adopt a policy that
31       would mandate that provide for all diesel-powered vehicles owned by
32       such agency or subdivision to run on a low blend (2%) of soybean oil and
33       diesel fuel known as soydiesel or biodiesel use soydiesel blend of at
34       least 2% soydiesel, when available and economically feasible; and
35             Be it further resolved: That all such vehicles, with the exception of
36       vehicles used for undercover law enforcement, should be identified with
37       a bumper sticker or other decal, provided by the Kansas Soybean Asso-
38       ciation and the Kansas Soybean Commission, to indicate to the public
39       that such vehicles are reducing emissions and are powered in part by
40       Kansas soybeans; and
41             Be it further resolved: That the Secretary of State is directed to send
42       enrolled copies of this resolution to the League of Kansas Municipalities,
43       the Kansas Association of Counties, the Kansas Turnpike Authority, the


  1       Kansas Association of School Boards, the Secretary of Transportation and
  2       the Secretary of Administration.