As Amended by House Committee
Session of 1999
By Committee on Governmental Organization and Elections

10             AN  ACT concerning campaign finance; relating to certain reports;
11             amending K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 25-4148 and repealing the existing
12             section.
14       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
15             Section  1. K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 25-4148 is hereby amended to read as
16       follows: 25-4148. (a) Every treasurer shall file a report prescribed by this
17       section. Reports filed by treasurers for candidates for state office, other
18       than officers elected on a state-wide basis, shall be filed in both the office
19       of the secretary of state and in the office of the county election officer of
20       the county in which the candidate is a resident. Reports filed by treasurers
21       for candidates for state-wide office shall be filed only with the secretary
22       of state. Reports filed by treasurers for candidates for local office shall be
23       filed in the office of the county election officer of the county in which
24       the name of the candidate is on the ballot. Except as otherwise provided
25       by subsection (h), all such reports shall be filed in time to be received in
26       the offices required on or before each of the following days:
27             (1) The eighth day preceding the primary election, which report shall
28       be for the period beginning on January 1 of the election year for the office
29       the candidate is seeking and ending 12 days before the primary election,
30       inclusive;
31             (2) the eighth day preceding a general election, which report shall be
32       for the period beginning 11 days before the primary election and ending
33       12 days before the general election, inclusive;
34             (3) January 10 of the year after an election year, which report shall
35       be for the period beginning 11 days before the general election and end-
36       ing on December 31, inclusive;
37             (4) for any calendar year when no election is held, a report shall be
38       filed on the next January 10 for the preceding calendar year;
39             (5) a treasurer shall file only the annual report required by subsection
40       (4) for those years when the candidate is not participating in a primary
41       or general election.; and
42             (6) in the case of treasurers for candidates for local office, a report
43       shall be filed on the next May 10 within 30 days after the preceding April
44       general election. Such report shall be for the period beginning 12 days
45       before the general election and ending on the 30th 25th day following the
46       election, inclusive. Such report shall be in addition to the report required
47       by paragraph (3) of this subsection.
48             (b) Each report required by this section shall state:
49             (1) Cash on hand on the first day of the reporting period;
50             (2) the name and address of each person who has made one or more
51       contributions in an aggregate amount or value in excess of $50 during the
52       election period together with the amount and date of such contributions,
53       including the name and address of every lender, guarantor and endorser
54       when a contribution is in the form of an advance or loan;
55             (3) the aggregate amount of all proceeds from bona fide sales of po-
56       litical materials such as, but not limited to, political campaign pins, but-
57       tons, badges, flags, emblems, hats, banners and literature;
58             (4) the aggregate amount of contributions for which the name and
59       address of the contributor is not known;
60             (5) each contribution, rebate, refund or other receipt not otherwise
61       listed;
62             (6) the total of all receipts;
63             (7) the name and address of each person to whom expenditures have
64       been made in an aggregate amount or value in excess of $50, with the
65       amount, date, and purpose of each ; the names and addresses of all per-
66       sons to whom any loan or advance has been made; when an expenditure
67       is made by payment to an advertising agency, public relations firm or
68       political consultants for disbursement to vendors, the report of such ex-
69       penditure shall show in detail the name of each such vendor and the
70       amount, date and purpose of the payments to each;
71             (8) the name and address of each person from whom an in-kind con-
72       tribution was received or who has paid for personal services provided
73       without charge to or for any candidate, candidate committee, party com-
74       mittee or political committee, if the contribution is in excess of $50 and
75       is not otherwise reported under subsection (b)(7), and the amount, date
76       and purpose of the contribution;
77             (9) the aggregate of all expenditures not otherwise reported under
78       this section; and
79             (10) the total of expenditures.
80             (c) Treasurers of candidates and of candidate committees shall be
81       required to itemize, as provided in subsection (b)(2), only the purchase
82       of tickets or admissions to testimonial events by a person who purchases
83       such tickets or admissions in an aggregate amount or value in excess of
84       $50 per event, or who purchases such a ticket or admission at a cost
85       exceeding $25 per ticket or admission. All other purchases of tickets or
86       admissions to testimonial events shall be reported in an aggregate amount
87       and shall not be subject to the limitations specified in K.S.A. 25-4154,
88       and amendments thereto.
89             (d) If a contribution or other receipt from a political committee is
90       required to be reported under subsection (b), the report shall include the
91       full name of the organization with which the political committee is con-
92       nected or affiliated or, name or description sufficiently describing the
93       affiliation or, if the committee is not connected or affiliated with any one
94       organization, the trade, profession or primary interest of the political com-
95       mittee as reflected by the statement of purpose of such organization.
96             (e) The commission may require any treasurer to file an amended
97       report for any period for which the original report filed by such treasurer
98       contains material errors or omissions, and notice of the errors or omissions
99       shall be part of the public record. The amended report shall be filed
100       within 30 days after notice by the commission.
101             (f) The commission may require any treasurer to file a report for any
102       period for which the required report is not on file, and notice of the failure
103       to file shall be part of the public record. Such report shall be filed within
104       five days after notice by the commission.
105             (g) For the purpose of any report required to be filed pursuant to
106       subsection (a) by the treasurer of any candidate seeking nomination by
107       convention or caucus or by the treasurer of the candidate's committee or
108       by the treasurer of any party committee or political committee, the date
109       of the convention or caucus shall be considered the date of the primary
110       election.
111             (h) If a report is sent by certified or registered mail on or before the
112       day it is due, the mailing shall constitute receipt by that office. 
113       Sec.  2. K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 25-4148 is hereby repealed.
114        Sec.  3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
115       publication in the Kansas register.