Session of 1999
By Committee on Federal and State Affairs

  8             AN  ACT concerning drivers' licenses; relating to requirements for
  9             licensure.
11       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
12             Section  1. (a) On and after July 1, 1999, each person issued an orig-
13       inal Kansas driver's license shall be required to submit to the division
14       proof of successful completion of a drivers alcohol and drug information
15       school. The drivers alcohol and drug information school shall: (a) Be con-
16       ducted by a community-based alcohol and drug safety action program
17       certified in accordance with K.S.A. 8-1008, and amendments thereto; (b)
18       include information on the effects of alcohol and drug use, the impact of
19       drug and alcohol usage on one's ability to operate a motor vehicle and
20       the laws relating to alcohol, drugs and driving; and (c) consist of at least
21       four hours of instruction conducted by alcohol and other addiction coun-
22       selors certified by the secretary of social and rehabilitation services or by
23       alcohol and other drug abuse counselors registered by the behavioral
24       sciences regulatory board. The cost of the drivers alcohol and drug in-
25       formation school, which shall not exceed $35, shall be paid by the
26       applicant.
27             (b) The director of the division of vehicles shall adopt any rules and
28       regulations necessary to enforce the provisions of subsection (a).
29        Sec.  2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
30       publication in the statute book.