Session of 1999
By Representative Tomlinson

  9             AN  ACT concerning methods of taking wildlife; amending K.S.A. 1998
10             Supp. 32-1003 and repealing the existing section.
12       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
13             Section  1. K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 32-1003 is hereby amended to read as
14       follows: 32-1003. It is unlawful for any person, unless authorized by law
15       or rules and regulations of the secretary, to:
16             (a) Take any game animal or furbearing animal from a motorboat,
17       airplane, motor vehicle or other water, air or land vehicle unless such
18       person holds a valid handicapped hunting and fishing permit issued to
19       such person pursuant to K.S.A. 32-931 and amendments thereto;
20             (b) provide or receive information concerning the location of any
21       game animal or furbearing animal by radio or other mechanical device
22       for purposes of taking such bird or animal, except that nothing in this
23       subsection shall be construed to prohibit a person from carrying a radio
24       or other mechanical device for use for other purposes;
25             (c) use sodium fluoroacetate, commonly called formula 1080, except
26       as permitted by rules and regulations of the secretary;
27             (d) use poison, poisonous gas, smoke or ferrets, or any smoke gun or
28       other device for forcing smoke or any other asphyxiating or deadly gas or
29       liquid into the holes, dens, runways or houses of wildlife, except as per-
30       mitted by rules and regulations of the secretary;
31             (e) fish by placing in or upon any lake, pond, river, creek, stream or
32       any other water, bordering on or within the state of Kansas, any delete-
33       rious substance or fishberries;
34             (f) place or explode any dynamite, giant powder, lime, nitroglycerine
35       or any other explosive of any character or kind in any waters of the state
36       of Kansas with the intent to take or stun fish; or
37             (g) throw or cast the rays of a spotlight, headlight or other artificial
38       light on any highway, roadway, field, grassland, woodland or forest for the
39       purpose of spotting, locating or taking any wildlife while having in pos-
40       session or control, either singly or as one of a group of persons, any rifle,
41       pistol, shotgun, bow or other implement whereby wildlife could be taken,
42       except that nothing in this subsection shall be construed to prohibit a
43       person from carrying a weapon while using artificial light for conducting
44       surveillance, actively caring for agricultural equipment or livestock or con-
45       ducting activities described in subsection (c)(2) of K.S.A. 32-1002 and
46       amendments thereto, when on land under the person's control, if the
47       person owns such land, is in lawful possession of such land or is regularly
48       employed for purposes of livestock or agricultural production or manage-
49       ment on such land. 
50       Sec.  2. K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 32-1003 is hereby repealed.
51        Sec.  3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
52       publication in the statute book.