Session of 1999
By Representative Freeborn

  9             AN  ACT concerning cemeteries; relating to the issuance of bonds.
11       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
12             Section  1. (a) The board of trustees of any cemetery district organ-
13       ized under K.S.A. 17-1342, and amendments thereto, may issue general
14       obligation bonds of the district in an amount not to exceed $35,000 for
15       the purpose of acquiring additional land for cemetery purposes. Before
16       any bonds are issued, the board shall adopt a resolution declaring its
17       intention to issue such bonds, stating the purpose for which the bonds
18       are to be issued and the amount thereof. Such resolution shall be pub-
19       lished at least once each week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper
20       of general circulation within the district. If within 30 days following the
21       date of the last publication of such resolution a petition signed by not less
22       than 5% of the qualified electors of the district is filed in the office of the
23       county election officer requesting an election on the proposition to issue
24       such bonds, no bonds shall be issued without such proposition having
25       been approved by a majority of the electors of the district voting at an
26       election called and held thereon. All such elections shall be noticed, called
27       and held in the manner prescribed for the giving of notice, calling and
28       the conduct of elections under the general bond law. If a sufficient pe-
29       tition is not filed within the time prescribed or if the proposition is ap-
30       proved by a majority of the qualified electors of the district voting at an
31       election held thereon, general obligation bonds of the district may be
32       issued in an amount not to exceed the amount specified in the original
33       resolution of the board.
34             (b) Any tax levied to pay bonds issued pursuant to this section shall
35       not be subject to the tax levy limitation imposed under K.S.A. 17-1344,
36       and amendments thereto.
37        Sec.  2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
38       publication in the statute book.