Session of 1999
By Representative O'Connor

  9             AN  ACT enacting the Kansas high school graduate warranty act.
11       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
12             Section  1. This act shall be known and may be cited as the Kansas
13       high school graduate warranty act.
14             Sec.  2. The state of Kansas, for and on behalf of its public school
15       system, does hereby guarantee that satisfactory completion of the pre-
16       college curriculum prescribed by the state board of regents and gradua-
17       tion of a person from a public high school in this state is a reliable indi-
18       cator that the person possesses the core academic skills necessary to
19       perform competently, without remediation, at the state educational
20       institutions.
21             Sec.  3. As used in this act:
22             (a) "School district" means any public school district organized and
23       operating under the laws of this state.
24             (b) "Board" means the board of education of a school district.
25             (c) "State board" means the state board of education.
26             (d) "Skills deficient graduate" means any person who (1) is certified
27       on or after May 1, 2002, by a school district as having satisfactorily com-
28       pleted the precollege curriculum prescribed by the state board of regents
29       and the course requirements of the state board of education for gradua-
30       tion from high school, (2) is certified to the state board by a state edu-
31       cational institution as being deficient in core academic skills to the extent
32       that the person is unable to perform competently, without remediation,
33       at the institution, and (3) applies to the state board for placement in a
34       remedial study program.
35             (e) "State educational institution" has the meaning ascribed thereto
36       by K.S.A. 76-711, and amendments thereto.
37             (f) "Remedial study program" means a program designed specifically
38       to develop the core academic skills of a skills deficient graduate and to
39       reduce or eliminate the skills deficiencies of the graduate in order to
40       enable the graduate to perform competently at a state educational
41       institution.
42             Sec.  4. The state board shall administer the provisions of this act and
43       shall:
44             (a) Publicize procedures for application by skills deficient graduates
45       for placement in a remedial study program;
46             (b) provide application forms;
47             (c) identify and specify levels of competency in core academic skills,
48       the attainment of which is a reliable indicator of the ability to perform
49       competently at a state educational institution;
50             (d) prescribe and adopt criteria for assessment and identification of
51       skills deficient graduates including identification of the specific skills de-
52       ficiencies of such graduates;
53             (e) establish procedures, activities and services to be provided in re-
54       medial study programs, including exit procedures based on attainment of
55       skills proficiency; and
56             (f) provide a remedial study program for each skills deficient graduate
57       who applies for placement.
58             Sec.  5. (a) Remedial study programs shall include, but not by way of
59       limitation, provisions for:
60             (1) A review of the school records of a skills deficient graduate, in-
61       cluding records relating to performance in the statewide assessment
62       program;
63             (2) development of curriculum appropriate to the educational objec-
64       tives and goals of the skills deficient graduate;
65             (3) a meeting with the skills deficient graduate in order to describe
66       and discuss the scope, objectives and activities of the program, the serv-
67       ices to be provided and the procedures to be followed;
68             (4) academic, remedial and compensatory instruction;
69             (5) counseling;
70             (6) the acquisition of instructional materials and equipment necessary
71       to adequately operate the program; and
72             (7) periodic evaluations of the skills deficient graduate's progress to-
73       ward skills proficiency and competency.
74             (b) In order to provide for a remedial study program, the state board
75       may enter into contracts with the state educational institutions, commu-
76       nity colleges and persons qualified to provide required services.
77             (c) A remedial study program shall be provided, to the greatest extent
78       possible, in a manner and at a time most convenient to the skills deficient
79       graduate participating therein.
80             (d) A remedial study program shall be concluded upon:
81             (1) Attainment by the skills deficient graduate of a level of compe-
82       tency which indicates proficiency in the skills necessary for the graduate
83       to perform competently at the state educational institutions; or
84             (2) determination by the state board that the skills deficient graduate
85       has not demonstrated evidence of the ability to attain proficiency in the
86       necessary skills; or
87             (3) voluntary withdrawal of the skills deficient graduate from partic-
88       ipation in the program.
89             Sec.  6. A skills deficient graduate shall:
90             (a) Complete and file an application for placement in a remedial
91       study program;
92             (b) be responsible for filing a waiver authorizing an examination of
93       school records of the graduate;
94             (c) faithfully participate in the remedial study program; and
95             (d) report promptly any information requested relating to the admin-
96       istration of this act.
97             Sec.  7. (a) The state board shall determine the amount of actual ex-
98       penses incurred by it for the provision of a remedial study program for a
99       skills deficient graduate and shall submit a claim for such amount to the
100       board of the school district which certified the graduate. The board, at
101       its regular meeting next scheduled after receipt of the claim, shall allow
102       and authorize payment thereof to the state board. The state board shall
103       remit all moneys received by or for it from claims paid under this sub-
104       section to the state treasurer. Upon receipt of each such remittance, the
105       state treasurer shall deposit the entire amount thereof in the state treasury
106       and the same shall be credited to the Kansas high school graduate war-
107       ranty act claims fund, and shall be used only for the payment of expenses
108       connected with the administration of such act. All expenditures from the
109       Kansas high school graduate warranty act claims fund shall be made in
110       accordance with appropriation acts upon warrants of the director of ac-
111       counts and reports issued pursuant to vouchers approved by the state
112       board or by a person or persons designated by it.
113             (b) No charges shall be assessed against any skills deficient graduate
114       for the provision of services under this act.
115        Sec.  8. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
116       publication in the statute book.