Session of 1999
By Committee on Appropriations

  9             AN  ACT concerning the division of accounts and reports; relating to
10             reports; payments of certain claims against the state or under the Kan-
11             sas prompt payment act; amending K.S.A. 46-925 and repealing the
12             existing section; also repealing K.S.A. 75-6406.
14       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
15             Section  1. K.S.A. 46-925 is hereby amended to read as follows: 46-
16       925. Any payment made pursuant to this act shall be reported to the
17       director of accounts and reports along with appropriate documentation
18       thereof of the payment as may be required by such director. Upon request
19       of any legislator or legislative committee, the director of accounts and
20       reports shall compile and maintain a report of all such payments and shall
21       submit the same to the committee on ways and means of the senate and
22       the committee on appropriations of the house of representatives and to
23       the joint committee on special claims against the state at least 10 days
24       prior to the convening of the regular session of the legislature and provide
25       to such legislator or committee a report concerning all payments made
26       pursuant to this act
27       Sec.  2. K.S.A. 46-925 and 75-6406 are hereby repealed.
28        Sec.  3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
29       publication in the statute book.