Session of 2000
By Committee on Education

  9             AN  ACT concerning school districts; relating to school building report
10             cards; requiring certain information and disposition; amending K.S.A.
11             1999 Supp. 72-6439 and repealing the existing section.
13       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
14             Section  1. K.S.A. 1999 Supp. 72-6439 is hereby amended to read as
15       follows: 72-6439. (a) In order to accomplish the mission for Kansas ed-
16       ucation, the state board of education shall design and adopt a school
17       performance accreditation system based upon improvement in perform-
18       ance that reflects high academic standards and is measurable.
19             (b) The state board of education shall provide for assessments in the
20       core academic areas of mathematics, science, reading, writing, and social
21       studies, and shall establish curriculum standards for such core academic
22       areas. The assessments shall be administered at three grade levels, as
23       determined by the state board. The curriculum standards shall be equal
24       to the best standards and shall be reviewed at least every three years. The
25       state board shall ensure compatibility between the statewide assessments
26       and the curriculum standards. Nothing in this subsection shall be con-
27       strued in any manner so as to impinge upon any district's authority to
28       determine its own curriculum.
29             (c) The state board of education shall determine performance levels
30       on the statewide assessments, the achievement of which represents ex-
31       cellence in the academic area at the grade level to which the assessment
32       applies. The state board should specify the measure of excellence both
33       for individual performance and school performance on the assessments.
34             (d)  Each school in every district shall establish a school site council
35       composed of the principal and representatives of teachers and other
36       school personnel, parents of pupils attending the school, the business
37       community, and other community groups. School site councils shall be
38       responsible for providing advice and counsel in evaluating state, school
39       district, and school site performance goals and objectives and in deter-
40       mining the methods that should be employed at the school site to meet
41       these goals and objectives.
42             (e) On or before January 1, 1997 in each school year, the state board
43       of education shall prepare a public education performance report card


  1       consisting of statewide aggregated data pertaining to performance on
  2       statewide assessments and other measurable performance indicators
  3       specified by the state board as part of the accreditation system. The report
  4       card shall be designed to show comparative data over multiple years, as
  5       determined by the state board. In addition to the public education per-
  6       formance report card, the state board shall prepare a school building
  7       report card for each school building operated by a district and shall pro-
  8       vide the board of each district with information showing the statewide
  9       data and school building data, including multiple year data. Each school
10       building report card shall be designed in an easy-to-read style and shall
11       identify the school as being in one of the following performance grade
12       categories: (1) "A" for schools making excellent progress; (2) "B" for
13       schools making above average progress; (3) "C" for schools making sat-
14       isfactory progress; (4) "D" for schools making less than satisfactory pro-
15       gress; and (5) "F" for schools failing to make adequate progress. A school's
16       performance grade category shall be determined in accordance with rules
17       and regulations of the state board by pupil performance and school per-
18       formance on the statewide assessments and on other appropriate perform-
19       ance data, including, but not limited to, attendance, dropout rate, school
20       disciplinary data, grade-to-grade promotion and high school graduation
21       rates, and pupil readiness for postsecondary education or entry into the
22       work force. The board of each district shall distribute the school building
23       report card to the parents of each pupil in attendance at school in such
24       school building. The method for distributing the report card shall be de-
25       termined by the board of each district.
26             (f) Under the direction of Kansas, Inc., and subject to appropriations
27       therefor, a study evaluating changes in pupil performance attributable to
28       the school accreditation system shall be conducted between July 1 and
29       November 30, 1997. The main purpose of the study shall be to ascertain,
30       through evaluation of the 48 school districts that began implementation
31       of the school performance accreditation process in the 1991-92 school
32       year, the extent of the change in pupil academic performance under the
33       system and to provide an explanation of the factors that have contributed
34       materially to the changes that have occurred. The study shall be based
35       on data for the 1996-97 school year. The results of the study shall be
36       reported to the legislature at the commencement of the 1998 session.
37       Kansas, Inc. shall convene an advisory committee for assistance in de-
38       signing the study, providing direction for the conducting of research, an-
39       alyzing research findings, and preparing the report of the results of the
40       study. The advisory committee shall consist of not less than seven and
41       not more than 11 members and shall be representative of the state board
42       of education, teachers, school administrators, boards of education, busi-
43       ness, and the public. Members of the advisory committee attending meet-


  1       ings of the committee or subcommittee meetings authorized by Kansas,
  2       Inc. shall be paid amounts provided for in subsection (e) of K.S.A. 75-
  3       3223, and amendments thereto. 
  4       Sec.  2. K.S.A. 1999 Supp. 72-6439 is hereby repealed.
  5        Sec.  3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
  6       publication in the statute book.