Session of 2000
By Committee on Environment

10             AN  ACT concerning the Kansas water authority; relating to establish-
11             ment of basin advisory committees; prescribing qualifications of mem-
12             bers and manner of operation.
14       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
15             Section  1. (a) The Kansas water authority shall establish basin advi-
16       sory committees in each of the major river basins in the state: Upper
17       Republican, Solomon, Kansas-Lower Republican, Missouri, Smoky Hill-
18       Saline, Neosho, Marais Des Cygnes, Upper Arkansas, Cimarron, Lower
19       Arkansas, Walnut, Verdigris.
20             (b) Basin advisory committees shall advise the Kansas water office
21       and the Kansas water authority pursuant to K.S.A. 82a-903, and amend-
22       ments thereto, in:
23             (1) Identification of water-related problems, issues and concerns
24       within the basin and goals and objectives to be used to direct subsequent
25       planning efforts;
26             (2) formulation of revisions to the state water plan;
27             (3) development of public awareness of the importance of water re-
28       sources; and
29             (4) determination of water plan implementation priorities and action
30       necessary to implement the plan.
31             Sec.  2. (a) Each basin advisory committee shall consist of 11 mem-
32       bers, with at least one member representing each of the following
33       categories:
34             (1) Domestic users that use water for cooking, cleaning, sanitation
35       and other purposes normally associated with operation of a household,
36       including use by industries, restaurants, hotels, motels, churches, camps,
37       schools and similar entities using water for household purposes.
38             (2) Municipal users that operate public water supply systems, to be
39       represented by an elected or appointed official of a city that operates a
40       public water supply system, as defined by K.S.A. 65-162a, and amend-
41       ments thereto.
42             (3) Other users that operate public water supply systems, to be rep-
43       resented by a person, other than a city official, that operates a public


  1       water supply system, as defined by K.S.A. 65-162a, and amendments
  2       thereto.
  3             (4) Industrial users that use water in manufacturing, production,
  4       transport or storage of products or in providing commercial services, in-
  5       cluding use in connection with steam electric power plants, secondary
  6       and tertiary oil recovery, air conditioning and aggregate extraction, in-
  7       cluding hydraulic dredging.
  8             (5) Irrigation users that use water for production of crops; watering
  9       of parks and golf courses; and watering of gardens, orchards and lawns
10       exceeding two acres in area.
11             (6) Fish, wildlife and recreation users that use water "in stream" for
12       entertainment, enjoyment and relaxation, including use in management
13       and protection of aquatic and riparian resources for habitat and other
14       environmental benefits.
15             (b) A basin advisory committee may request approval from the Kan-
16       sas water authority to reduce the number of members on the committee
17       to not less than seven members as long as there remains representation
18       of the six user categories set out in subsection (a).
19             Sec.  3. (a) A person must reside in a basin to be eligible to be a
20       member of the basin advisory committee for that basin.
21             (b) Employees of state agencies represented by members ex officio
22       of the Kansas water authority are not eligible for membership on basin
23       advisory committees but may be assigned to serve as liaisons to basin
24       advisory committees. Individuals associated with organizations repre-
25       sented by voting members of the Kansas water authority are eligible for
26       membership on basin advisory committees.
27             Sec.  4. (a) When a vacancy occurs or will occur in the membership
28       of a basin advisory committee, the committee shall nominate a person to
29       fill the vacancy, subject to appointment by the Kansas water authority.
30       Members shall serve staggered four-year terms expiring on June 30 of
31       odd-numbered years.
32             (b) The chairperson of a basin advisory committee shall be nominated
33       by the committee from the existing membership, subject to appointment
34       by the Kansas water authority. The chairperson shall serve for a four-year
35       term which may be renewed upon recommendation of the committee
36       and appointment by the Kansas water authority. Each basin advisory com-
37       mittee shall select a vice-chairperson.
38             Sec.  5. (a) Vacancy in the membership of a basin advisory committee
39       by reason of expiration of a member's term shall be filled as follows:
40             (1) A renewal process shall be initiated in April of odd-numbered
41       years whereby all individuals who have on file applications for member-
42       ship and all basin advisory committee members whose terms are expiring
43       will be contacted to determine if they wish to serve or continue serving.


  1       Notice will be given that applications for basin advisory committee mem-
  2       bership are being solicited. Applications may be received at any time and
  3       shall remain on file until the next renewal process.
  4             (2) At the June meeting of a basin advisory committee, applications
  5       on file shall be considered for filling any existing vacancies and any va-
  6       cancies occurring by reason of expiration of members' terms. The com-
  7       mittee shall make nominations for membership from among the appli-
  8       cations and shall forward such nominations to the Kansas water authority
  9       for appointment.
10             (3) In July of odd-numbered years, the Kansas water authority shall
11       review all nominations for basin advisory committee membership and
12       make appropriate appointments.
13             (b) Upon a vacancy in the membership of a basin advisory committee
14       member for any reason other than expiration of a member's term, the
15       basin advisory committee shall nominate, from the applications on file, a
16       replacement to fill the unexpired term. All basin advisory committee nom-
17       inations shall be subject to appointment by the Kansas water authority.
18             (c) If a basin advisory committee member does not attend three con-
19       secutive meetings of the committee, the basin advisory committee may
20       consider a recommendation to the Kansas water authority that the mem-
21       ber be replaced.
22             Sec.  6. Basin advisory committees shall operate in the following
23       manner:
24             (a) All basin advisory committee meetings shall be open to the public.
25             (b) Based on consultation with the basin advisory committees, a mail-
26       ing list of media for notification of basin advisory committee meetings
27       and for solicitation of applications for membership shall be maintained
28       by the Kansas water office and utilized for those purposes.
29             (c) A mailing list of all persons who request notification of basin ad-
30       visory committee meetings will be maintained at the Kansas water office
31       and utilized for that purpose.
32             (d) Members of the Kansas water authority shall receive notices of
33       all basin advisory committee meetings and minutes of those meetings.
34             (e) Four members constitute a quorum for conducting business.
35             (f) A majority vote is required to take action on any matter before
36       the committee. 
37        Sec.  7. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
38       publication in the statute book.