Session of 2000
By Committee on Elections and Local Government

  9             AN  ACT concerning townships; relating to vacancies in township offices;
10             amending K.S.A. 80-201 and repealing the existing section.
12       Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:
13             Section  1. K.S.A. 80-201 is hereby amended to read as follows: 80-
14       201. All township officers appointed to fill vacancies shall hold their office
15       for the remainder of the unexpired term, and until their successors are
16       elected and qualified, and they shall take a like oath and give a like un-
17       dertaking as is required to be given by officers elected. When a vacancy
18       occurs before May 1 of the first even-numbered year following the com-
19       mencement of a term of office, it shall be filled by the appointment of a
20       resident of such township who shall serve until a successor is elected and
21       qualified at the next general election. Such successor shall assume office
22       on the second Monday of January next following such election. If the
23       vacancy occurs on or after May 1 of the first even-numbered year follow-
24       ing the commencement of the term of office, the person so appointed shall
25       serve for the remainder of the unexpired term. 
26       Sec.  2. K.S.A. 80-201 is hereby repealed.
27        Sec.  3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
28       publication in the statute book.