J o u r n a l o f t h e H o u s e FOURTH DAY -------- HALL OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES TOPEKA, KAN., Thursday, January 16, 1997, 11:00 a.m. The House met pursuant to recess with Speaker Shallenburger in the chair. The roll was called with 121 members present. Reps. Bradley, Carmody, Morrison and Ray were excused on excused absence by the Speaker. Prayer by Chaplain Washington: Heavenly Father, Your Word says in Romans 13:1 that all authority comes from You. Therefore, we must account to You for what we have and how we use it. So, please move us to discharge the privileges of these offices in love. Let the motivation for our actions be a deep and abiding love for Your people. For if our love is not sincere, our words and actions will be false and empty. You also said in Romans 12:9, that we should love without partiality. To further underscore this, You said in James 2:1-4, that if we were found giving special attention to the needs of the influential, while giving less attention to the poor . . . the powerless . . . and the seemingly irrelevant, that we would be using crooked standards of judgement. Lord, let the true love and justice that comes from You permeate this House. In Christ's Name, Amen. INTRODUCTION OF BILLS AND CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS The following bills were introduced and read by title: HB 2020, An act concerning townships; relating to the governing bodies thereof; amending K.S.A. 1996 Supp. 80-304 and repealing the existing section, by Committee on Governmental Organization and Elections. REFERENCE OF BILLS AND CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS The following bills and concurrent resolutions were referred to committees as indicated: Federal and State: HCR 5003. Taxation: HB 2019. COMMUNICATIONS FROM STATE OFFICERS From Steven J. Davies, Ph.D., Executive Director, Koch Crime Commission, Inventory of Formal Programs and Community-Based Services for Adjudicated Juveniles in the State of Kansas, November 1996. The complete report is on file and open for inspection in the office of the Chief Clerk. READING AND CORRECTION OF THE JOURNAL In the Journal, on page 10, under Rules and Journal, Rep. Powell should be deleted and Rep. Mays inserted. On motion of Rep. Jennison, the House adjourned until 10:00 a.m., Friday, January 17, 1997. CHARLENE SWANSON, Journal Clerk. JANET E. JONES, Chief Clerk. +--+ | | +--+