January 15, 1999

Journal of the House

Hall of the House of Represenatitives
Topeka, KS, Friday, January 15, 1999, 11:00 a.m.
 The House met Session pro forma pursuant to adjournment with Speaker pro tem Mays
in the chair.

 The following petition was presented and filed:

 HP 2001, by Rep. Gatewood, a petition urging the Kansas Highway Department to install
permanently the traffic light at Maple and Highway 69, signed by Rhonda McDaniel and
587 other citizens of Cherokee County.

 The following bills were introduced and read by title:

   HB 2039, An act relating to severance taxation; exempting oil production therefrom;
amending K.S.A. 1998 Supp. 79-4217 and repealing the existing section, by Representatives
Phelps, Alldritt, Hayzlett, Johnson, Minor, Myers, Tedder, Thimesch, Toelkes and Vickrey.

 HB 2040, An act concerning amusement rides; relating to inspection and regulation
thereof; prohibiting certain acts and providing penalties and remedies for violations, by
Representatives Sloan, Benlon, Bethell, Compton, Feuerborn, Findley, Freeborn, Huff, E.
Peterson, Stone and Vickrey.

 HB 2041, An act concerning the mobile home parks residential landlord and tenant act;
amending K.S.A. 58-25,103, 58-25,105 and 58-25,120 and repealing the existing sections,
by Representatives Sloan, Horst, Kirk and Toelkes.

 HB 2042, An act concerning adverse possession of real estate; relating to survey of land,
by Committee on Agriculture.

 The following bills and resolutions were referred to committees as indicated:

 Education: HCR 5008.

 Health and Human Services: HB 2032, 2033.

 Kansas 2000 Select Committee: HB 2034.

 Taxation: HB 2036, 2037, 2038.

 Transportation: HB 2035.

 The Committee on Rules and Journal recommends HR 6005 be amended on page 1,
in line 28, after ``roll'' by inserting ``, the taking of roll shall be''; also in line 28, before the
period, by inserting ``and the prayer shall be followed by the recitation of the pledge of
allegiance to the flag of the United States of America led by a member designated by the

 On page 2, following line 37, by inserting the following:

 ``(g) Effect on Certain Rules. If a legislative day referred to in Rule 1309, 1503, 1505,
2303, 2705 or 3705 occurs on a legislative day which is also the day on which a session
proforma is held, the term ``legislative day'' as used in such rule means the next legislative
day subsequent to the legislative day on which the session proforma is held.'';

 On page 3, in line 23, before the period, by inserting: ``, nor shall any such person be on
the floor of the House chamber during a call of the House''; in line 33, after ``Products''
by inserting ``; Food and Drink''; also in line 33, before ``No'' by inserting ``(a)''; following
line 38, by inserting the following:

 ``(b) Members may have food or drink, or both, on their desks in the House chamber
only when the member is present at the member's desk.'';

 On page 6, by striking all in lines 32 through 41;

 On page 7, following line 5, by inserting the following:

 ``Rule 1105. Budget Committees. (a) There is hereby created the following budget
committees of the committee on appropriations which shall have the number of members
indicated for each:

1.Agriculture and natural resources budget committee 5
2.Education and legislative budget committee 9
3.General government and human resources budget committee 7
4.Public safety budget committee 5
5.Social services budget committee 9
6.Tax, judicial and transportation budget committee 5
 (b) Members of the budget committees are not required to be members of the
committee on appropriations. The Speaker shall designate the number of members of each
budget committee who are not members of the committee on appropriations and shall
appoint the members of each budget committee who are not members of the committee
on appropriations. The chairperson of the committee on appropriations shall appoint the
members of each budget committee who are members of the committee on appropriations.
The Speaker shall appoint the chairperson of each budget committee. The Speaker may
remove or replace at any time any budget committee chairperson or any member of such
committee appointed by the Speaker.

 (c) Budget committees shall be advisory to and make recommendations to the
committee on appropriations. Budget committees may recommend but are not authorized
to introduce bills or resolutions.

 (d) Budget committee meetings are subject to the Kansas open meetings act, K.S.A.
75-4317a et seq.'';

 On page 11, following line 11, by inserting the following:

 ``Rule 1506. Motion to Lay on Table Bill or Resolution while on Final Action
Subject to Amendments and Debate. When a motion to lay on the table a bill or
resolution is adopted while on final action subject to amendment and debate, on the next
legislative day such bill or resolution shall be placed on the calendar under the order of
business the unfinished business before the House at the time of adjournment on the
previous day.''; and the resolution be adopted as amended.

 On motion of Rep. Glasscock, the House adjourned until 11:00 a.m., Tuesday, January
19, 1999.


JANET E. JONES, Chief Clerk.