Chapter 274

SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION No. 1614 A Concurrent Resolution requesting the State Corporation Commission to submit to the Legislature certain information relating to the cleanup of pollution from certain oil and gas activities.

WHEREAS, Jurisdiction and authority of the Department of Health and Environment relating to the cleanup of pollution of the soils and waters of the state from certain oil and gas activities was transferred to the State Corporation Commission by chapter 204 of the 1995 Session Laws of Kansas; and

WHEREAS, The Legislature requires information regarding the status of each site where such pollution exists in order to determine the extent of the pollution and the resources needed to remediate the pol- lution: Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Kansas, the House of Rep- resentatives concurring therein: That the State Corporation Commis- sion is requested to submit to the Legislature, on or before February 1, 1996, by filing with the Secretary of the Senate, the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives and the chairperson and ranking minority member of each of the Senate and House Committees on Energy and Natural Resources, a report containing the following information regard- ing each site over which jurisdiction was transferred to the Commission by chapter 204 of the 1995 Session Laws of Kansas:

(1) A description and evaluation of the site;

(2) the immediacy of the threat to the public health or the environ- ment from pollution from the site, including any contamination of drink- ing water or groundwater;

(3) the level of remediation recommended;

(4) any unusual problems associated with investigation or remediation of pollution from the site;

(5) an estimate of the cost to achieve the recommended level of re- mediation or, if no estimate is possible, an estimate of the cost to conduct an investigation sufficient to determine the cost of remediation; and

(6) any funds available to pay the costs of remediation; and

Be it further resolved: That the Secretary of State transmit an en- rolled copy of this resolution to the chairperson of the State Corporation Commission. [j82]House February 5, 1996 [j82]Senate January 22, 1996