724             1997 Session Laws of Kansas             Ch. 131

Chapter 131


An Act concerning state agencies; relating to accounting procedures;
amending K.S.A. 75-3734 and repealing the existing section.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:

Section 1. K.S.A. 75-3734 is hereby amended to read as follows:
75-3734. Federal funds received by or granted to any state agency shall
be deposited in the state treasury and disbursed upon warrants issued by
the director of accounts and reports and shall be subject to the fiscal
controls imposed by this act, except where:

(a) When federal laws or regulations of the federal agency making
such funds available to the state prevent certain federal funds from being
deposited, allocated or expended as provided by this act; or

(b) when authorized by the state treasurer and the director of ac-
counts and reports and approved by the secretary of administration

Sec. 2. K.S.A. 75-3734 is hereby repealed.

Sec. 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
publication in the statute book.

Approved April 24, 1997.