A  Concurrent  Resolution celebrating the 100th anniversary of the authorization
of Fort Hays State University by the State of Kansas.
      WHEREAS,  The Senate and House of Representatives of the United
States of America, in Congress assembled in March, 1900, passed Senate
Bill 68 which specifically identified a western branch of the Kansas State
Normal School in the grant of the Fort Hays Military Reservation to the
State of Kansas; and President William McKinley signed Senate Bill 68
on March 28, 1900; and

      WHEREAS,  The Fort Hays Military Reservation was accepted by the
Kansas Legislature through House Joint Resolution No. 1 on February
7, 1901; and Senate Bill 511, which was approved by Governor W.E.
Stanley on February 26, 1901, established a branch of the State Normal
School on the Fort Hays Military Reservation; and

      WHEREAS,  The Western Branch of the Kansas State Normal School
held its first classes on June 23, 1902; and

      WHEREAS,  The Western Branch of the Kansas State Normal School
was given a new name as Fort Hays Kansas Normal School on March 6,
1914, in recognition of its independent status as a normal school; and

      WHEREAS,  On February 20, 1923, the Kansas Legislature approved
a name change to Kansas State Teachers College of Hays and thus
changed the mission of the college from being a normal school to a teach-
ers college; and

      WHEREAS,  The Kansas Legislature approved a name change to Fort
Hays Kansas State College on March 11, 1931, in recognition of the con-
stantly expanding functions and expanded mission in western Kansas and
in recognition of its changing role to a liberal arts college; and

      WHEREAS,  In 1977 the Kansas Legislature approved a name change
to Fort Hays State University in recognition of the university's high quality
academic stature, multiple functions, changing mission, and ever expand-
ing role in the state, region, and nation as a university level institution;

      WHEREAS,  Fort Hays State University has continued to have its mis-
sion expanded in order to serve its constituents, has become known for
its high quality academic programs and athletics, and is known throughout
the state, nation, and internationally for its future vision of higher edu-
cation programs and planning: Now, therefore,

      Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Kansas,
the Senate concurring therein: That we congratulate and commend Fort
Hays State University upon the 100th anniversary of its authorization by
the State of Kansas and for the excellence in higher education which it
has provided for the citizens of Kansas.

 Adopted by the House February 22, 2002.
Adopted by the Senate
February 22, 2002.