An  Act concerning the secretary of state; establishing
the technology communication fee fund.
Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:

      Section  1. (a) The secretary of state shall charge a technology com-
munication fee, established by rules and regulations but not exceeding
$5, in addition to any filing fees to cover the cost of technology systems
that will support services provided pursuant to the uniform electronic
transactions act and amendments thereto.

      (b) There is hereby created in the state treasury the technology com-
munication fee fund.

      (c) The secretary of state shall remit to the state treasurer at least
monthly all technology communication fees received by the secretary of
state. Upon receipt of any such remittance, the state treasurer shall de-
posit the amount in the state treasury to the credit of the technology
communication fee fund.

      (d) All expenditures from the technology communication fee fund
shall be made in accordance with appropriation acts upon warrants of the
director of accounts and reports issued pursuant to vouchers approved
by the secretary of state or a person or persons designated by the secretary
of state.

 Sec.  2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its
publication in the statute book.

Approved May 17, 2002.