As Amended by House Committee on

Health and Human Services


S.B. 198, as amended by Senate and House Committees, amends one of the statutes in The Pharmacy Act of the State of Kansas. The amendments authorize the transmission of a prescription order by electronic transmission unless prohibited by law. Technical changes are made in the language relating to brand exchange through the deletion of the requirement that a blank line follow the dispensing direction if a prescription form preprinted with signature lines is used. Technical changes made by the Senate Committee update the statutory references in the bill.

Senate Committee amendments delete one amendment that would have added new language to subsection (a) of the statute and restore language to subsection (e) that would have been deleted in the original bill.

The House Committee amendments are technical only.


S.B. 198 was introduced in 1997 at the request of a representative of the Board of Pharmacy and was heard by the Senate Committee during the 1997 Session. The bill was held over to 1998 due to a number of questions relating to the electronic transmission of prescriptions.

The 1997 fiscal note on S.B. 198 states the Board of Pharmacy indicates passage of the bill would have no fiscal impact.

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