As Amended by House Committee of the Whole


S.B. 435 amends a criminal procedure statute dealing with imposition of consecutive sentences. The bill adds persons who are released on bond to provisions of the current law which provide that when a new felony is committed by a person who is already incarcerated for a felony or who is on probation, parole, in community corrections, postrelease supervision, or conditional release, the new sentence shall be served consecutive to the original sentence. Further, a judge is given the authority to sentence the person to prison even if the sentence for the new crime presumes a nonprison sentence and this new sentence shall not be considered a departure from the sentencing guidelines law.

In addition, the bill amends a number of criminal statutes to do the following:


The bill was supported by the Kansas County and District Attorneys Association. A proponent said the bill would correct the effect of State v. Arculeo, 261 Kan. 286 (1997), which held that a conditional release (as defined in K.S.A. 21-4603d) does not include release on bond, hence a prison sentence for a presumptive nonprison offense becomes a departure.

The bill has an indeterminable fiscal impact on the state.

The House Committee of the Whole inserted the criminal statute changes.

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