As Recommended by Senate Committee on

Public Health and Welfare


S.B. 467 amends one statute in the act under which psychologists are licensed and one statute in the act under which masters level psychologists are licensed.

K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 74-5311 is amended to increase the statutory cap on the amount of the examination fee for applicants for licensure as a psychologist. The cap is increased from $350 to $500. The amendments add a new subsection to the statute that authorizes the Board to require the examination fee to be paid directly to an examination service.

Amendments to K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 74-5365, a statute that concerns masters level psychologists, create authority for the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board to fix an examination fee of up to $500 for an initial and subsequent examinations for licensure as a masters level psychologist. Amendatory language added to the statute authorizes the Board to require the examination fee to be submitted directly to an examination service.


S.B. 467 was introduced by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and Regulations at the request of a representative of the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board. The Executive Director of the Board appeared before the Senate Committee to explain the reason for the bill. The Board currently uses a national examination in psychology that is recognized by all 50 states. The cost of the examination is to be increased by $100 in 1997. The increased cost will exceed the present statutory maximum that sets a cap on the amount the Board may charge as an examination fee. S.B. 467 would allow the Board to recover its cost of the examination and give the Board the option of requiring applicants for the examination to pay the fee directly to the national service that administers the examination.

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