As Amended by Senate Committee on

Public Health and Welfare


S.B. 484 amends one of the sections in The Pharmacy Act of the State of Kansas that relates to the transfer of a prescription from one pharmacy to another.

The amendments delete the words "in writing" from paragraph (D) of subsection (a)(1) of the statute thereby allowing the information about the prescription that is being transferred to be recorded by computer or other means. Amendments to paragraph (C) of subsection (a)(2) delete the requirement that the word "void" be written on the original prescription order on file in the pharmacy from which the prescription is being transferred and clarify that no other transfer or dispensing may take place once the prescription has been transferred to another pharmacy. The Senate Committee amendment clarifies the intent of the amendatory wording. New language added to subsection (a) requires any transfer of prescription information for a schedule III, IV, or V controlled substance to be made in conformance with federal rules as well as in compliance with Kansas law.

The Senate Committee further amended S.B. 484 to make it effective on publication in the Kansas Register.


S.B. 484 was introduced at the request of the Executive Secretary of the State Board of Pharmacy who was also the only conferee on the bill. In the testimony presented on S.B. 484, it was stated the bill is intended to recognize the use of computerized prescription files by Kansas pharmacies and to facilitate such use. The change to publication in the Kansas Register was requested by the conferee in order to get the proper citation to the Code of Federal Regulations in the Kansas statutes as soon as possible since the Code section is now in effect.

The fiscal note on S.B. 484 indicates no fiscal impact from passage of the bill.

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