As Amended by House Committee on Appropriations


S.B. 495, as amended, authorizes expenditures from the State General Fund and various special revenue funds for the payment of specific claims against the state of Kansas. Agencies affected by the bill include: the Department of Revenue; the Department of Transportation; the Department of Administration; the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services; Larned State Hospital; the Department of Education; the State Corporation Commission; Lansing Correctional Facility; Hutchinson Correctional Facility; Ellsworth Correctional Facility; and the Department of Corrections.


The Senate Committee amended several sections of the bill. Section 2 was amended to add an additional claim of $254.66 for a motor vehicle fuel tax refund and section 7 was amended to change the agency responsible for payment of a $56 claim from the Department of Administration to the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services. A technical adjustment was made to correct a payment amount in section 12, and a new section was added authorizing the State Corporation Commission to pay a claim in the amount of $8,294.02 for an invoice not presented in the proper fiscal year.

The bill, as amended, authorizes total expenditures of $294,284, which includes $19,732 from operating accounts of the State General Fund and $274,552 from other sources.

The House Committee amendment was technical in nature.

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