As Amended by Senate on Final Action


S.B. 571 amends the Kansas School Safety and Security Act to require administrators who come into possession of information about students with a history of dangerous behavior to inform educators of the following:

The bill also amends the Kansas Code for Care of Children and the Juvenile Offenders Code to permit disclosure of information to educators and educational institutions as required under this Act.

Educator is defined to mean any teacher, other professional, or paraprofessional employee who has exposure to the student with a history of dangerous behavior.

School employees shall not be subject to criminal penalties for failure to make reports required under this Act if they follow school board policies in this regard or if the school board has failed to adopt policies. Finally, school boards and individual members of such boards are granted immunity from liability in any civil action for the actions or omissions of any school administrator pursuant to the requirements of the Kansas School Safety and Security Act.


The bill was supported by the Kansas National Education Association and a number of teachers who expressed concern about teacher safety due to the lack of knowledge and warning about dangerous students in their classes and schools. The bill was opposed as introduced by the Kansas Association of School Boards.

The bill has no fiscal impact on the state.

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